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Default From children you hear the truth...

I visited my nieces the other day (ages four and seven) and of course they immediately wanted to play something. The older one (my darling goddaughter) wondered "what should we play" to which the younger one replied "lets play hide and seek!". I really didn't know if I should laugh, cry, be offended or what when I heard the answer to that. The older one said, "We can't because she (referring to this dieter here) doesn't fit anywhere." She wasn't trying to be funny, I guess she was just stating the fact.

You can laugh. I did, after few minutes, my sister did, my best friend did, my mother did, and my boss did.
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Good for you for taking it in stride! Kids surely can be brutally honest (I know I have gotten quite hurt but kids being honest about my weight in the past...) but it sounds like you have a good head on your shoulders about it Maybe next time they play hide-and-seek they will invite you to play because you will fit it more places as you lose weight
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I know this is an older post, but one time last year (my heaviest) I was babysitting a five year old girl for the first time and she said, "Wow! You're really big!" which obviously I knew, but I wanted to die!
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So glad you were able to take that comment the way it was meant. It reminds me of a story of myself when i was a child. My mom is one that has always struggled with her weight. I remember growing up with a skinny mom and a bigger mom. She ultimately ended up having gastric bypass surgery a few years ago, but anyway.....when I was younger, for Christmas, i bought my mom a shirt that had a bunny on the front and said, "I'm not fat, Im just fluffy". She smiled and thanked me for it, but i don't remember ever seeing her wear that shirt.
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You know, my first thought was that a child might think that about any adult regardless of the adult's weight. Even the thinnest amongst us can't begin to fit into the spaces a small child would consider viable hiding spots.
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Not just kids. When I was 15 and VERY self-conscious about my height, I and my family went to Mexico, where everyone is 4'10". Our host's housekeeper took one look at me and said (in Spanish), "She's enormous." She was referring to my height, not weight, but I burst into tears and ran into the nearest room.

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