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I've banned food for myself after seven.
Not a morsel crosses my lips no matter how late I go to bes.
Otherwise my calorie count goes out the window
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I stop eating when I reach my 1200 calories and it doesn't matter what time it is. But my evening meals are usually small, because I like a big lunch.
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Default acid reflux

Originally Posted by Pattience View Post
I've often wondered if acid reflux was caused by having too much food in the stomach. Though i know that some foods cause it - chocolate, alcohol and no doubt other foods.
I have the next step after acid reflux which is G.E.R.D. WHATs interesting is when I first went to see. The doctor my symptoms were not heart burn. I've never had heartburn. My symptom was throwing up. I new it was. A problem because I was always doing it. When I got in the car and sat down my food would back up. I now take nexium. I'm suppose 4o avoid certain foods but I don't.

If I eat late or I eat to much my food backs up. If it's late at night I'll take a Reglan which is fast acting.
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Harness that energy.
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During the week- I workout at night in between 8:00 and 10:00PM. So I've been trying to eat dinner earlier (preferably before 6:00PM) and not eat before or after my workout.

Weekends differ greatly though depending on the plans.
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Originally Posted by 2feelbetter View Post
I work part time but my typical day would be.
Breakfast 7:30
Lunch Noon
Home by 3:30. Then the problems start as soon as I walk in the door I start snacking.
That's where all those calories come from.
2 feel better
If you had a Dinner instead of snacking at 3.30 when you got home, you could avoid all the snacking and end up eating less and better food. I know this might muck about your routine with hubby but its worth being flexible.

if you do it like this, your lunch at noon could be a bit smaller so that you are hungry enough by the time of your early meal.

Or you should have a bigger lunch that can get you to dinner time without the need for snacking. I have noticed that when going out to work, its that time when work is over and you are on the way home that is the danger time for most people including myself. These days i don't go to work but being in the city for a day has similar aspects to it.

I have some friends who eat two meals a day. Their last meal is at about 3.30. they have breakfast at 11.00. Both are quite big meals. The guy goes for a daily swim and the woman spends most of the day working in the garden.

If you are going to the gym late afternoon or early evening, you probably should still have some thing to replace you energy. there is information i've read about how to do that correctly. You don't want to overeat and you need to eat the right sort of things. Its basically some protein to take care of the recovery and some carbs to replace the energy. You should put aside the concerns about putting back all the calories you just burned unless you are overeating. Its probably something like a protein bar and a banana, although i would eat something else instead of a bar as i don't care for that sort of thing.

Basically when you go to the gym, it should be mainly with the idea of building muscle (which increases your metabolism and strength thereby taking stress of your bones) and fitness, and much less about burning calories.
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Back to Basics!
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I almost always eat something after 8pm. Usually a yogurt, dark chocolate square, cheese stick or small bowl of cereal. It "helps" me go to sleep (probably psychological) and doesn't out me over my cals for the day.
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No I don't. If I make myself stop eating at a certain time which would be on the early side I will wake up famished and I hate that feeling. It would probably help with weight loss (maybe) but I'm one who does not.
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