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Default A "Fun" Restart for Me

I've been on this site since October, and I recently gained back 10 of the 12 pounds I lost. Boo!

I finally have some time off, so I've been thinking of how I am going to start my healthy eating again. I decided to do a two or three week experiment where I start off by being vegetarian, then add things one at a time back into my diet to see how they make me feel.

Here is my order:
1. Vegetables plus healthy fats and oils, water, and tea
2. Add nuts, bean, tofu
3. Add fish and seafood
4. Add whole grains (rice, oats, popcorn)
5. Add chicken
6. Add fruit
7. Add dairy (cheese and yogurt)
8. Add alcohol
9. Add coffee
10. Add sugar and flour

I am kind of excited! I don't have a time frame yet for when things come back in, and I think I'm going to keep it that way. The first day, originally, was going to be a day with only tea and water, but that lasted just a few hours. I don't think fasting works for me, even for a day.

I am most excited about seeing how my stomach feels without coffee and milk together. I believe that this combination every morning would mess up my gut the whole way through, and would make me want starches to soothe the lining of my stomach. I am also excited about getting out of the sugar roller coaster. Even though I love fruit, I am taking some time off it because it is nature's candy.

Doing a new project is a way for me to get excited about food again. I don't want to over plan, because that has been a way for me to get distracted in the past from the things that really matter. (I get bogged down in details.) So I just have this short list and I am seeing where it will go and how I will feel. I also will be getting 10 hours of sleep a night since I am on vacation for the next month and biking all around my city.

I just wanted to share my idea with everyone here, and also to ask: has anyone here done something similar? I am looking for suggestions, constructive criticism, and encouragement!
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Your plan sounds interesting, but doesn't appear to include any guidelines on quantity. If you haven't done so already, I suggest you get more specific about portions and caloric distribution over the course of the day.

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Quantity seems to be taking care of itself, since right now I am eating mainly vegetables. I ate fish today too. I found that I was too weak already by 4pm to want to keep doing just veggies and fat with no protein. And it's only the second day--hahaha

I feel pretty light, already. All the pizza, doughnuts, fast food etc. was really bogging me down and making me feel sluggish.
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