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Red face Only feeling thin after, um, doing... number two?

I apologize if this is waaay TMI for some people. But I'm honestly so curious if anyone else is like this.

Lately, I feel like I'm obsessing over being "cleansed out" if you know what I mean. My crazy brain has actually convinced itself that I look thinner after I go number two.

It's kind of getting ridiculous though- like today my body hasn't had the urge to go all evening after work because my roommate has been out there in the living room for hours right by the bathroom. And because I won't be able to go number 2, I almost don't even want to go out tonight with my friends because I'll feel fat all night. If I don't do it tonight, I'll drink a crapload of coffee in the morning to make myself go before I go in the office again.

Okay, trust me, I KNOW that's weird. But can anyone else empathize with me? I feel like it's taking over my life and it influences whether I want to be social or not.
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Careful there, that sort or mental preoccupation is what often leads to purging and laxative abuse. It might not be a big issue for you, but that path of thought throws up all sorts of red flags regarding disordered diet behaviors.

Just a caution
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I can do this
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I do. But I also have serious constipation issues and take prescription meds for it. Just started them this week.

I'm hoping that I can start pooping every day or two instead of once or twice a week.
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I am a super-dooper pooper, and go three or four times a day most days. Since that is the norm, I would be concerned if I went a day without it. I feel lighter afterwards, more energetic, etc. I wouldn't let the roommate stop me from going. Everybody poops. If you are concerned about odor, my DIL bought something called PooPourri. It's a spray that you use before you go in public places. They sell it online at Amazon.com and I saw it advertised in a retail store in my area. And no, I'm not a distributor for this product....not trying to sell it or promote it in any way! LOL
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Originally Posted by Wannabehealthy View Post
If you are concerned about odor, my DIL bought something called PooPourri. It's a spray that you use before you go in public places. They sell it online at Amazon.com and I saw it advertised in a retail store in my area.
OMG my bf has this in this bathroom and it totally works! LOL. They are like $11 for the bottle but a couple of the ppl in the house suffer from IBS (I know TMI, but this thread is about crap after all!) and it honestly does do the job!

It's kinda like febreeze in a way. I asked him why he didn't just use a can of air freshener and he said "who wants to come in the bathroom and smell cinnamon scented crap" LOL)

Annnyway, on to OP's question; wouldn't say that I feel thinner as much as I feel better and more and energized. I know there is a culture (is it Chinese?) where they believe we all have a dominant organ, well if that is the case, I would think mine would be my colon. I almost feel reborn after a successful visit to the bathroom.

Like was said before, monitor that behavior b/c if you start avoiding functions and all of that, it is a short step away from trying to 'make' it happen or becoming dependent on that having happened in order to allow yourself to enjoy the day.

Life is life. We all feel better/cleaner/thinner/healthier when our bodies have expelled toxins and waste, BUT we are functioning and working even when they haven't yet. Don't focus on it. It's like starting to focus on your breathing patterns and then becoming unable to take your mind off of it.

Let life happen, and enjoy the moments as they come. Release the idea of having to feel your absolute best/thinnest every moment. That is elusive and impossible. Shoot, if you are only one good poop away from feeling thin, then you are a heck of a lot closer than the rest of us
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I have poopourri! It works!
But about the "skinnier after pooping", I've actually weighed myself before and after just to see if there was a difference and it was quite minuscule. It's probably a physical thing that makes you feel this way. I mean, your body is getting rid of its toxins so of course you will feel good afterward but I don't think you should apply that feeling towards being skinny or weight loss.
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The day after a big poop, I totally weigh less, which is awesome, but then the scale will go up a few tenths of a pound the following day so it's short lived :P

I usually poop 3 times a week or so.
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I'm always very shocked when I hear about peoples pooping tendencies. It's always the first thing I do when I wake up, and after eating I'll need to again in about 20-30 minutes. I'm very regular.

Though I do know the feeling you're talking about. My shorts always feel slightly more loose. I actually love to poop. It makes me feel much better.
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Originally Posted by ArtThistle View Post
I'm always very shocked when I hear about peoples pooping tendencies.
Me too.. my eyebrows got lost in my hairline reading these.
Y'all even had me looking up PooPourri.
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