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Originally Posted by CherryQuinn View Post
I notice like a lb and im 196lbs and 5'7 . I carry most of my weight on my love handles on the front of my stomach so I notice a lb right away cause I will look bloated there. If I get my TOM or eat too much salt I notice I'm larger there. But it works the other way too if I lose a lb its noticeable cause its most likely from that region. everywhere else on my body the weight is very evened out so I dont notice loses or gains from those areas.
Are you describing me? I'm the same way. I always see it in my lower stomach area/love handles the next day if I'm retaining any water.

I think I would most certainly notice a ten pound gain, and I'm not a little girl. I'd at least make sure your scale is accurate, though you don't know if your first weight was correct either. If you have no reason to think it's inaccurate, then it is what it is. You may just gain weight with an even distribution.
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This is the complete opposite for me!!!! Since Jan 1 - I've lost about 15 pounds. I still feel like I look the same. All my clothes still fit me the same, none of my clothes are even baggy or falling off of me yet a lot of people are like your gaining muscle but I just feel like at 15 pounds I should be shopping for the next size down!
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Lucky you!! I gained 10lbs last year (lost them before getting pregnant) and EVERYONE could tell. My clothes didn't fit properly, I looked like a complete different person with just 5lbs extra on me...
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Maybe your weight is evenly spread on your body? I also wonder could height have something to do with it. For me, when I gain, I gain on my stomach. I've gained 12lbs since December and boy can I see it. I think a lot of this is down to my height because I'm very short.

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Originally Posted by newleaf123 View Post
I don't think I look any different 10 pounds up. But I didn't think I look any different 50 pounds up, either, for that matter. Body dysmorphia plays a huge roll for me.
This was me too...so scary. I gained and gained, of course my clothes fitting changed, but in my mind...I looked the same even after gaining 100+ pounds.

In a new way of life for me, the scale is going to guide me the rest of my life. When I get to my goal weight (undetermined right now), I am going to follow the lead of others around here with a certain leeway to fluctuate (say 5-7lbs) and when I get near the danger zone for me, it's back strict on plan and back in the safe zone.

I can't mentally allow 10lbs to turn into 25, 50, 100 (gulp) again. And not feeling the 10lbs even in your case makes my heart pound. I would get a false sense of security and then it would get ugly....
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Originally Posted by CherryQuinn View Post
if thats you in your avatar picture you have my exact body shape lol

That is me at about 160-165. Right now I'm in the low 180s and trying to get back there. But yes, we are the same. lol!
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Sorry..I just glanced over the rest of the replies so I don't know if anyone mentioned this. What's your workout routine (if applicable)? Maybe you are building muscle.

Case in point..pic taken from MyFitnessPal, a woman at 202lbs on the left and 203lbs on the right. Just saying...sometimes the scale can be deceiving!

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