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My weight and my attitude towards myself have weakened certain aspects of my marriage.

Tough one that. Keep going MablesGirl.
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My gym membership for my boyfriend and I is about $37/month (unlimited guests, tanning, shakes, etc) so to me, it's worth it. Every now and then I will do fitness classes which can be $10/each. I was in pole dancing classes that cost me $20/week. So for the month I'm already at about $130. Food, it all depends on what I need. I only cook for myself so sometimes if I buy a lot of something I can save it for the next week but roughly it's about $50/week. So I would say on a good month about $330/month on trying to stay in shape, watching what I eat, trying new things, etc etc.
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Originally Posted by ReNew Me View Post
I have absolutely no way to calculate the value of how many pictures I've avoided being in because I didn't want to see how I really looked or how many events I've chosen to not go to because I didn't have anything to wear and just the thought of trying to find clothes that fit sent me into a pit of hopelessness. There were so many times I avoided living because it was easier to sit around the house in comfortable sweatpants.

That's embarrassing.
It cost me this ^^.

In monetary value being fat has cost me the following: out of pocket costs for metformin for insulin resistance and blood pressure medicine (I'm happy to report I'm already off the metformin and should be off BP med soon), lots of money buying jeans because I constantly rip them in the thighs from chub rub, I wear through sneakers more quickly because of my weight, lots of take out/fast food money, lots of wasted money on stretch mark cream, and I'm sure lots more.

Sure there are things about being healthy that are expensive .... but I actually think in the long run being fat is more expensive.
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Just before I started this new healthy lifestyle I completely renovated my kitchen (from a bare completely destroyed room to a full kitchen) so I had very little food in my house. I ate all of the food I did have and then basically started completely fresh with all new spices, herbs, canned goods, dry good, fridge items, baking supplies, pretty much everything in the room was "new."

The first month I spent almost $500 (for one person) but I also bought a ton of spices and longer term items like nuts, seeds, dried beans, stuff that lasts longer than a month. The second month I am not quite done, but I have probably spent about $400 for one person. Now however, I have a stocked kitchen, a small freezer full of fresh handmade foods (I don't eat any processed meals) and moving forward I estimate a budget of $250 a month. This is also with me feeding my BF a few nights a week as well.

Normally prior to eating healthy, I spent $250 a month plus well over $300 a month on fast food, and then another $200 on eating out with my bf and just general junk food. From a strictly financial standpoint I am easily saving $500 a month on food. That's HUGE! I literally could not afford to maintain my unhealthy lifestyle, but I would sacrifice other necessary things just to eat poorly. Kinda crazy.
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Originally Posted by MablesGirl View Post
Like ReNew and JustB1027, my weight has cost me other things than money. I have given up volleyball and walking due to my plantar fasciitis. I have given up most of my social life with friends. My weight and my attitude towards myself have weakened certain aspects of my marriage. Why do I think cupcakes are worth this?
I suffer plantar fasciitis, too. My doc suggested I freeze a bottle of water and roll it under my foot as a massage to lengthen those muscles. Others have suggested a tennis ball. I actually use an old 3 lb dumbbell (one of those pink-vinyl-covered ones that I used for all of a month before graduating to heavier weights). I have one under my desk at work, and the other under my desk at home. It really does help, though it takes a while.

And I definitely hear you on the marriage thing. I'm hoping that improves as I lose weight.
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Originally Posted by MablesGirl View Post
My weight and my attitude towards myself have weakened certain aspects of my marriage.
Originally Posted by IanG View Post

Tough one that. Keep going MablesGirl.
This was me too as I was sad about myself and embarrassed about my weight. I wouldn't go with my husband to his work functions or even to our neighbor's house as I didn't want them to all see me living large. I would just tell him to say I was sick or I had other plans. He'd go alone but I know he was sad. He wasn't embarrassed of me, he loved(s) me.

I can say, with my weightloss over this past 7-8 months, our marriage has improved 10fold. I'm the one who says let's walk over to our friend's house and see what they are up to. I'm the one who offers to drive him to work and then pick him up so we can meet up with his work buddies after work. I'm the one suggesting we take the longer walk route holding hands the whole way.

By no means do I mean to imply he never initiates things. But he never wanted me to feel bad (or worse) so he stopped asking knowing I'd reject him. Now I think he's living it up with me and my new confidence, loving my invitations and plan making. Granted I don't have it every single day but most days are good. And I couldn't have done all of this without his help. Now I wish I did this for us years ago, not waiting for a live changing cancer diagnosis and me thinking I was going to maybe die.

I'm not missing out on any more life moments because of my weight with my husband. He deserves me (and I deserve me) at my best.
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I think for me the real question there is how much are you willing to sacrifice for your health? It's not just about being thin, but being healthy is much more important above all. Yes, reality says it cost more with the healthy or organic food that you should buy, not to mention the gym membership and a lot more.

But if you get use to the fact of wanting to be healthy not just being thin, you'll be able to find ideas and alternatives that will help cut down on the costs. Take for example instead of having a membership on a gym why not have an active lifestyle such as sports, or simply just jog for an hour almost everyday. Instead of taking a cab, why not walk a few blocks, or skipping the elevator and take the stairs instead.

These simple ways really goes a long way in keeping our metabolism up all day. When it comes to expensive organic groceries, there are a lot of healthy recipes that doesn't cost as much. I personally continuously find ways to live healthy without hurting my finances. Just by being healthy already helps you save big time, since you don't have to go to the doctor often for health and weight related issues.

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