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Default Lose 10lbs by May 1st!

(this is for lockitup so that she doesn't jinx herself )

All are welcome and if you don't want to shoot for 10lbs, feel free to pick whatever goal amount suits you. Many of us weigh in daily.

I'm at 154 now and am shooting for 150 by 5/1 as my official goal but my super secret goal is to be in the 140s by May.

3/30 - 154
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THANK YOU Dancerindenver!!!!! Holy crap you are almost at GOAL!!!!

I know it's a few days before "official" start, but since I didn't participate last month I'm going to go ahead and start it up! WOOOO!

SW - 140.8
3/30 - 140.8
GW - 134

Honestly I feel like it's a lofty goal, but I'm aiming high. My all time lowest weight from January 20 is 136.8, and I've yet to hit that illusive 100 lb mark. I need to break it this month, and go beyond. Let's do this!
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I got this
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Height: a little over 5'2


Official weigh-in isn't until tomorrow but right now I am 165.6. I am hoping to see 150-anything by May!

SW/CW- 165.6
GW- 159 and below!
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Sue finding inner song
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Height: 5' 4" 3/4


I will be joining in Monday am... Cannot wait to get more weight off! Wouldn't it be nice to do a decade a month? (dreaming here.. thus avatar LOL) But always hopefull!
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Height: 5'9


I would LOVE to lose 10 lbs by May 1! Count me in...I plan to weigh myself every Sunday AM, so I'll post my "starting" weight then!


So psyched!
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I'm in! I really think that if I cleaned up my act and committed, I could lose 10 lbs in a month. I lost 5 lbs in March, and I'm very pleased with myself, but if I eat well, and don't eat junk, I know that I can do better.
I'll post my starting weight on Monday.
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Height: 5'2"


I'm in! Now that my body is cooperating, this might actually get somewhere. Today was my last weigh in before the 1st, so I'm using that as a starting number.

SW: 160.6
GW: 155.0 - 5.6 pounds will put me at 35 pounds lost!
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Ooh, can I join? I'd love to aim for 10 lbs lost but I've hit a bit of a plateau at the moment so anything lost would be great
I'll aim for 5lbs by the 1st May. I usually weigh in on Sunday mornings, so my starting weight is 180. I hope to be at 175 by 1st May!
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I'm in! I'm sort of afraid to see what my starting weight is on Monday after this weekend, but I know I have not/will not eaten enough to truly gain however many pounds the scale says I have. My mom is making a lemon cheesecake for tomorrow and there's no way I'm saying no to a slice!

I will aim to lose 4lbs this in May.
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I've never joined this topic before, but I would love to try this month! After gaining back 10 or so pounds, I'm ready to start losing once again. I would never be able to lose 10lbs, but I'll try for a 3lb loss.

SW: 140lbs
GW: 137lbs

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Calorie and Carb Counter
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S/C/G: 240/ticker/140

Height: 5'3"


I love these monthly challenges, so I'm definitely in! I'm going to try for 10 pounds again this month and will post my starting weight on Monday!
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Height: 5 ft 11


I'm in too! Going to shoot for 10 in May. Didn't make iot in March. But I was only on plan for about half of the month. So I think that with a solid on plan month 10 lb is doable for me. I'm waiting till tomorrows weight for the official end of March weight, and the start of April!
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S/C/G: HW~330 CW~291.4 GW~285

Height: 5'4


I am in! My weigh in is in the morning so I will post my official weihht then !
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I'm in! I'll post stats tomorrow, with the weigh in.

I have eaten too much food the last three days, not at a real deficit I don't think. Worried that I'm going to be up tomorrow.

BUT, if I am, maybe that means it will look like I've lost more in April

ahhh, the games we play
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Height: 5 foot 6


I'm going to do this, I'm aiming to lose 10lbs every month until the end of the year, so I can reach my goal by summer. Hope that's not too ambitious!
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