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Default When should I do weigh-ins

I actually have a couple questions, I have been weighing myself daily, I was thinking maybe stepping on the scale every other day or even just 1 day a week. When do you all weigh in?

Also I have added lots of fruits and water to my diet and I have noticed a big increase in energy level, and in general I am just feeling better. Maybe it's because I am not eating all the junk I use to eat. Did anyone else notice a big increase in energy/better mood? Im hoping that stays with me through out this weight loss journey.
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I can't handle the scale at all so I weigh once every 6 weeks or so, if not less. It's up to you! If you keep weighing in daily then make sure to take fluctuations into account. Maybe weigh every day but only have one day as the official weigh in day, aka the weight you track.
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I am fairly new to the weight loss game, but I have chosen to weigh in on Sundays, with Saturday was my workout rest day. I have read you weigh less on a day after no workout, due to less water retention and your muscles healing, etc. I always weigh first thing in the a.m before ANY water, and hopefully I am able to use the 'ladies room' before weighing. Haha that always makes me feel better!

Hope this helps! There is no right or wrong way- just do what does NOT make you obsess, and whatever makes you feel happy!
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I weigh in the morning, usually every day. I do keep in mind that my body weight goes up and downs, often in a pattern centered around my menstrual cycle. I usually don't lose 1-2 weeks before then get a "big" drop afterwards. Otherwise, it's up and down daily averaging .5 - 1 pound per week.

If seeing the up and down bugs you, don't weigh so often. There are plenty of other ways to know you're losing weight, the main one being how your clothes are fitting. Try out daily, weekly or even monthly weighing and see what works best for you.

And regarding the energy level, I always feel tons better when I'm eating healthy and exercising. I feel less bloated and lethargic. When I eat crap I just feel like I want to be rolled into bed for a few days to recover.
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I officially weigh-in once a week at my TOPS meeting. I do weigh-in two or three times a week, but I don't keep a record.
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I'm on Jenny Craig, so I weigh in once a week at the center. I don't even own a scale at home!
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I do like Teresa66 and look at the scale a few (or more!) times a week but I only record one official weight and that's my doctor's office scale. I was so good in the beginning only weighing at my doctor's but then I started checking! I am thinking about asking my husband to hide the scale but I don't know if I could take that stress!

Now that I am eating healthy, exercising, and drinking so much water during the day, I feel like I can move mountains and then some! My energy levels have easily quadrupled, not even kidding. I never take a nap anymore, I sleep sound through the night, I wake up refreshed and ready to take on the world. It's an amazing feeling, I feel like a new person!
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I've noticed an increase in energy as well. I'm sure its due to cutting out junk food.

I've been weighing myself daily. I like to weigh myself in the morning after I go to the bathroom. This is probably your best time to weigh yourself because you haven't eaten yet and its more accurate (and usually lower). Just remember to weigh yourself at the same time every time for the most accuracy.

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When I was losing, I weighed myself daily in the morning. Recently I stopped weighing to focus on lifting. I haven't completely stopped though; I sometimes hop on in the middle of the day here and there.
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I weigh in every second Sunday, in the mornings.
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I am a daily weigher because I'm a control freak. Ha! Sad, but true. I like to see the results of my previous day on the scale. By results, I mean the combination of water, "food weight" and actual weight loss. It's more of a science experiment and curiosity on how my body works than a weight loss tracking thing. I see the scale with somewhat amusement. There are times when I laugh when I'm up because I know it's ridiculous and then when it goes down like I knew it should, I say, "I told you so, scale!" It's kind of a game for me. But, it also keeps me on track and focused on my plan for the day.

If you find that you can't easily brush off the ups and downs as irrelevant to your actual progress, I would weigh less frequently. If you find that weighing less often makes you more prone to "forgetting" your plan, then weigh more often. It's really your own personal thing. No need to go crazy between weigh-ins and no need to freak out over daily fluctuations. Use those as signs to adjust your frequency to what works for you.
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Originally Posted by Teresa66 View Post
I officially weigh-in once a week at my TOPS meeting. I do weigh-in two or three times a week, but I don't keep a record.
This is what I do too. I decided to not put a lot of mental energy into the scale and fighting with myself over whether or not to weigh. If I want to get on the scale, I do, and if I don't want to, I don't. I have tried daily WIs and the pressure to get on the scale becomes just as much of an issue for me as the pressure to not get on the scale if I'm trying to follow the "rule" to only weigh once a week. So no more rules, I just check when I want to.

I like my Sunday ritual of weighing in, and updating my ticker and posting on all my various challenge and tracking threads. And I think I personally do need the accountability of checking at least once a week. So far, I've never had a Sunday where I didn't want to WI as long as I was actively working at weight loss. So I will make myself WI that one day even if I don't want to, because not wanting to is my red light of letting myself fall off track (history of losing and regaining).
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Just wanted to say that you should always remember that it is the general trend that is important with weighing, not the number on a particular day. Way too many things are out of your physical control to freak out over any specific day. I'll weigh 3 or 4 pounds more just because it's humid out; if I let that get to me, I'd be a basket case.

That being said, when I was in the weight loss phase, I'd have lived on the scale if I could have figured out a way to do it. Loved the numbers, loved trying to figure out what food made me retain water, what choices worked better than others, etc. But only you know whether you can do that without becoming a crazy person.
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I weigh every day but only record on Fridays. I am "scale obsessed" and continue to check daily to see if there has been progress. It drives me crazy! LOL!

Since I started eating healthy, nixed all the bad for you stuff, and fill my liquid intake with water, I do have more energy and a much improved mood! It feels really good! Of course, I think my daily excercise is a big part of that mood lift as well!!
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I'm seriously considering weighing in every day. I'll be honest and say I'm being impatient, and perhaps I just want to see it say 10lbs lost instead of 9 which I got today, which was my weekly weigh-in. I'm also coming down with the cold/flu and could be retaining water, so it might say something worse tomorrow! But really, I also want to track the normal fluctuations so that if I go back to weekly weighing I can tell if a small or big loss, or a gain or no change is normal for that point. And, I want to see what makes me thinner faster (there, I said it). Although: I'm doing intuitive eating so the whole point is to do what my body's comfortable with and not push myself so much I turn into a crazy person.

Tbh the whole reason I want to have lost 10lbs is so I can change my profile pic, and have the ego boost of having lost a double figure of lbs. I'm losing the plot with having to be patient and I think that ego boost would help. Maybe I'll do daily weigh-ins until the end of Feb and just stick with the lowest numbers unless they go up by more than 2lbs. What's a bit of creative accounting? As long as I'm being healthier anyway, who cares if I fiddle the numbers a bit?

Do tell me if you think this is a recipe for disaster!!
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