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Default back pain

i tried posting this in the looking good, whatever, section but ive only gotten one response in DAYS and i could really use opinions.

ok so.. i know a lot of people on here probably suffer from back pain due to their breasts, so i wanted some opinions

i have spinal osteoarthritis as many of us do, its not the most severe case but for my age it isnt great. i CONSTANTLY have pain in between my shoulder blades and along my upper spine and neck. it feels like my shoulder blades are being pulled into my spine.

does this seem like its because of my breasts?

theyre not HUGE or anything (only about a D), but theyre heavy. the only bra i can wear comfortably is a spanx bra because the shoulder straps dont adjust and theyre wide and soft and stretchy. if i try to wear anything else the straps hurt. even in the spanx bra by the end of the day im in a lot of pain. my neck, back and even my shoulders crack constantly.

any words of advice or ideas of what to do?
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I have Ankylosing Spondylitis- otherwise known as a serious pain in the ***/ back/ ribs/ eyeballs/ gut. I get upper & lower back pain, shoulder and hip pain and have osteo in several vertebrae, I often need anti-inflammatories to manage. I'm 29 and have been suffering with this disease since 23.

It might be your breasts, but regardless strengthening your back is the ultimate best way to manage back pain and working on your posture will help even out any impact your breast weight may have. Do you do any pilates or weight training? Pilates has really reduced my pain levels, after three years I think its mostly done its job now, I still go to a class once a week, but now am starting on more weighted exercise. If your not sure where to start see a physio or biokineticist on how to work your upper back with minimal impact on the joints. You don't want to be lifting weights over your head and you don't want to be doing deadlifts or bent over rows. Exercises like supermans and assisted pull ups are good. Also mobilise the joints plenty, every day, for my upper back my physio gives me a simple exercise to counteract the effect of sitting in a chair all day. Rock backwards and forwards from your waist (keep your core solid and don't move your whole back just your ribcage) 20 times. Then twist from side to side 20 times. I try and do this twice a day.

Phew sorry to go on, but back pain is kind of my speciallity (; Hope this helps
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I have degenerative disk disease and multiple pinched nerves in my back, I am on constant anti inflammatories for it. I wear the cacique brand bras but they don't seem to be as well made and sturdy as they used to be. They are the only ones I can find in my size (30F). It might be your breast size or it could just be your back . Mogzillo had some great advice about seeing someone to help you figure out how to strengthen your back and improve your posture. Sorry I am not much help but I just wanted you to know you aren't alone in your back agony.
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As someone with chronic back issues from an injury (I got thrown off an elliptical trainer into a wall and broke one of the vertebrae in my neck, and also developed a disc bulge that pushes into the nerves at my C5/C6, so I have shooting pain down my arm and constant muscle knots in my shoulder), I highly, highly recommend going to a physician to understand the underlying issue, and then a physical therapist if you can swing it. Physical therapy can strengthen the muscles in your back, neck, and shoulders, and can help improve your posture, both of which might help your pain.
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