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Default General weight loss rant, feeling frustrated

I just have to get this out there to people who will understand. I'm feeling very frustrated with my weight loss right now. As a little background, I am calorie counting at a level where I should lose 2 pounds weekly. While I do have occasional days where I go over my calorie goal, I don't go over my maintenance level, so I really should never gain (except possible water weight) and should always lose. I did this last year and lost 65 pounds, so I do know my body and what to do for it.

I'm also part of a local weight loss challenge where we weigh in on Tuesdays. The first week I lost 4 pounds. A lot of that was because I was just coming off my TOM, but I'll take it. Looks good for the challenge anyway. Then the next week I was up one pound. Hmm... well, ok, I did have pizza the night before. I stayed in my calories, but the sodium probably got me. The week after that (this last week) I had a great week! I was spot on every day except Sunday. On Sunday I did get a little munchie, but nothing extreme. Plus, we went roller skating on Saturday and I burned about 900 calories!!! I didn't eat extra to make up for it, so I really don't see how Sunday could have derailed things too badly.

So, I go to weigh in yesterday and... dun-dun-dun... no change. How could there be no change at all? GRR!!! Ok, my body fat was down 1%, so that's cool, but I don't trust body fat analysis on home scales too much. I think they are ok as an idea of where you are, but not completely exact.

And my home weigh ins have been bobbing up and down in the same 2 pound range for the last 2 weeks also. At least until last Monday when the battery died. But given that it matches with my weigh ins for the challenge, I'm inclined to believe it.

And to top all that off, I was at work yesterday and started getting really nauseous. I actually left work, I was feeling so icky. No other symptoms either, it was very odd. (No, I'm not pregnant. Yes, I'm pretty sure of that) The only thing I could even think about eating was buttered noodles, so my calories yesterday were terrible.


Not looking for advice, just wanted to get it out. I know it's not nearly the worst weight loss frustration there is. It's just that I've just barely started and didn't expect it to go so wonky right away.

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Awww man! I loathe when the scale doesn't seem to show the results of our hard work!
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I'm doing this!
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I feel ya and I've been there, when doing EVERYTHING right. my husband says my body should be a science experiment sometimes keep at it, we'll do fine!
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The reason is that there are many things that go into weight loss and you will never loss 2 pounds a week week after week. The human body is not made that way. You are setting yourself up for failure if you think 2 pounds a week is going to happen. Healthy weight loss is .5 - 2 pounds a week. Your body gets used to the calorie level you are feeding it and your metabolism slows down.

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Hang in there. It'll happen.

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Weight loss is not linear and you may find your body has patterns. Or maybe it just holds still for awhile and then drops.

You are probably right in that you had water weight after pizza and the next week was around ovulation? (if you don't take the pill). I find I GAIN weight, more weight around ovulation than around TTOM. See my chart below? Can you see my steady creap up in a couple pounds the last few days? I ovulated I think late yesterday/early this morning. Now it will take a couple days for the weight to drop off.

In the meantime, I've been working out 5 times a week, eating spot on and the scale goes up - UGH... right? Well, by keeping with the plan, I should see a big whoosh coming up so that in the end, I will average 1-1.5 pounds loss a week (at this point in my journey, expecting 2 pounds a week isn't going to happen), but it did in the beginning. I would stall out for two weeks and then lose 12-14 pounds the next two weeks.

So, don't get frustrated with the scale, double check that your calories are as you think they are, keeping moving or add movement in and eventually the scale will drop.

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