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Default Anyone else hate breakfast foods?

I spent most of my life as a non-breakfast eater. I just usually wasn't hungry until noon (probably because I didn't wake up until 11am lol). I also have always had a distaste for breakfast foods.

I dislike oatmeal, cold cereal, pancakes, waffles, eggs for breakfast (like them any other time though), sausage and fruit. About the only traditional breakfast food I like is bagels and cream cheese (sooooooo not clean).

When I was a kid, my mom would beg me to eat breakfast before school. To please her, I'd eat chicken noodle soup or spaghetti before the bus got there. lol

These days, I've decided to stop fighting my dislike of breakfast foods. Instead, I eat a chicken sandwich or egg salad sandwich or turkey chili for breakfast.

Anyone else out there like me?
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Asian cultures eat very savory breakfasts, similar to the types of foods you're referring to. Breakfasts are full of meat, rice, soups, noodles, etc. In most countries in Asia, breakfasts are heavier and less sweet than what Americans/Westerners are accustomed to.

I also don't like eating breakfast, so I don't. There's nothing wrong with eating fewer times throughout the day
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I can't handle fats and meat/dairy proteins when I get up. WHile I love breakfast foods, I can't handle them in the morning. So, I usually just make myself a protein shake or grab a protein bar when I start to get hungry and before I work out (I am not one who can workout on an empty stomach).

There are no 'rules' on what you should and shouldn't eat or do for breakfast. So do what you want!
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I'm amused that your name is banananutmuffin and you hate breakfast foods

I agree - no rules on what you can eat for breakfast! I am a breakfast kind of person, but you can eat anything. Have some leftovers, or some soup. I've had broccoli for breakfast. Do what works for you!
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I am the exact opposite, lol. If I could eat breakfast foods all day long I would, seriously. But who says you can't have a sandwich for breakfast? I don't know where these ridiculous 'rules' got started anyway. I have scrambled egg whites for lunch and sometimes for dinner. When I'm not feeling well, I'll make the kids oatmeal for dinner. I say, do what you want. As long as you feed your body properly, that's the most important thing IMO.
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I'd suggest keep on trying different kinds of sandwiches and cereals (healthy ones) until yo find the one you enjoy eating the most! i finally found out that apple cinnamon flavored cereals and skimmed milk, followed by a warm cup of nescafe is the perfect breakfast for me. i'm not the kind who can have an apple or a cucmber for breakfast
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Ok, you guys have helped me feel free from the convention of scrambled eggs before noon!

I think for breakfast this morning I'm going to have sushi rice, nori and some stir fry steak... Yum!
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Yup, I'm the same way. I don't eat breakfast anymore, in fact I usually don't eat until the afternoon b/c I'm not hungry in the am. (The only time I like cereal is when I'm pregnant for some reason, heehee!) I make pancakes and eggs/bacon for my husband but I don't eat it myself. I would MUCH rather save my cals for lunch and dinner types of foods!
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I'm the opposite also. I could eat cold cereal all day, for every meal. Absolutely love munching on cereal. But that's my problem. It's easy to go overboard on corn syrupy cereal (mine of choice right now is raisen bran crunch...yum!)
If you like bagels and cream cheese so much, I suggest making your own whole wheat bagel (ridding the processed from the store) and using fat free cream cheese. I see nothing wrong with that, especially if it's what you like. It will fill you up, and wake up your metabolism.

But if it's "real" food you crave, go for it. There's been many a mornings where I wake up to a salad. Since I crave breakfast food all day, if I wake up to a non breakfast meal, I tend to eat better all day because I skipped the food that causes me to overeat in the first place.
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Even though I L-O-V-E breakfast foods, I never eat them. I don't wake up in time to make pancakes, french toast, bacon, sausage, gravy and biscuits, etc. My mom didn't either when I was growing up, so she would sometimes cook a gigantic breakfast feast for dinner. I don't eat traditional breakfast foods right now because it's too calorie-rich. It all tastes so good, but I don't need it right now.

Instead, I eat a Special K chocolate delight protein bar for breakfast. It tastes like a candy bar, keeps me full for a while, and is easy to grab on the go.
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Originally Posted by RJ 1980 View Post
(The only time I like cereal is when I'm pregnant for some reason, heehee!)
this is almost all i ate during my pregnancy...cereal, and peaches. DH says he would be ok if he never had to cut another peach in his life

I dont like breakfast either! I have gotten used to eating, but its generally something small, and not eggs-blech!
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Usually I'll have something like a peanut butter sandwich for breakfast. (Natural peanut butter, and I LOVE adding wheat germ to it). This morning I had honey on it too, because my honey just crystallized and I love crystallized honey, ha. I have to say, my absolute favorite breakfast meal is a turkey sandwich. So satisfying!

If I'm having a craving for pancakes or french toast, I'll have them for dinner! This is rare. I think it may have to do with the fact that I'm too lazy to make them in the morning!
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say what?
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I so can relate! I don't like muesli. I don't like sweet stuff in the AM. And I don't like yoghurt. However - I have finally discovered Greek Yogurt. The full fat stuff. I eat 2 tablespoons with a fuji apple cut into pieces and a teaspoon of sugar and I am good to go. It's a mini portion but it gets m body started, it tastes great so food doesn't feel like such a chore in the morning. And by the time it's 11 I'll start considering more foods.

Anyhow - don't stik to any convention of what to eat and when. Let's be honest now - those conventions is what got many americans (and others) overweight to begin with. Fast food is also a convention. Birthday cake on a bday. Massive amounts of food on a holiday. It's all conventions - but if you take into consideration what your body actually needs it's all about a certain amount and type of carbs, fats and proteine each day. How you get those in matters none.
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People at work look at me weird because I'll eat anything I want for breakfast...salad, last night's leftovers, a sandwich...who says it has to be eggs and bacon for breakfast...although I do love my breakfast foods
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Many times, I prefer a turkey sandwich over cereal in the morning, but it depends on the day. I say as long as it's healthy, eat what you want when you want.
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