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I was underweight as a child, At 23-24 I was 125 lbs. Full term pregnancy at age of 25, 132 lbs. After delivery 125.5 lbs. Then at 42 I was 155lbs.
At age 59, I weighed 184lbs. That was my heighest weight. By Indian standard it is too much. I cannot get pants and teashirts of my size in India.
Now I am in USA and trying to lose weight.
I am planning a trip of 1 month in India, and want to be as much normal as possible. I am sure I will not be able to do exercise over there,but will try to rstrict my diet. I am scared as there is a Diwali festival that time coupled with my sons engagement ceremony.
I really invite suggestion on how to control weight during holidays.
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I was not thin, but I wasn't fat either. I was on my recommended weight for my height (5ft) pretty much all my life until 6 years ago. I was always 95-100lbs. Then I met my husband who loves to eat and who doesn't really enjoy doing outdoorsy stuff. My weight went from 95lbs to 140lbs. I am now back to 105lbs 9maybe less, I haven't weighed myself in about a week.
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back to square 1(70)
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I'm glad to read a lot of others have struggled through university/college. Well, not GLAD that you did, but glad I'm not the only one!

I'm 21, with one year to go before graduation. I was definitely not a lanky kid but just a bit pudgy from age 9-14. When high school started, my body changed a lot and I dropped that "baby fat." Then I got braces and couldn't eat as much and looked great! I wore between a 6 and an 8 and the odd 4. We never had a scale but I think I was between 130 and 140.

When I got to uni, the caf food and beer really did me in. For the first few months I was going to the gym and maintained my weight, but exams hit and I lost control. Lots of partying, bad food, food after the bar, lack of sleep, some birth control related depression...and I started to gain. Then I moved off campus and was just eating too much for my level of activity.

I was never a binge eater, I just love food. If something tastes good, I want to eat a lot of it. My mum is a fabulous cook and I love to eat. I was never big on junk food, just too large portions of wholesome stuff. At least that's something! I also started dating my current BF just over 2 years ago so you can imagine..going out, dates, movies, drinks, etc. It adds up. We've both put on weight. He was always athletic, playing on the university rugby team, but he's gotten off track as well. Not nearly as far gone as I am though! Haha.
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I was also skinny through high school but I still had body issues even at size 4, I always thought I was fat. After high school I went to college, and moved out on my own with my boyfriend after almost a year in the dorms, quit school after 1 1/2 yrs, just very gradually gained but got in the very heavy 220+ range from my two pregnancies. When I hit 235 it was a wakeup call and just starting out on my weight loss journey at this point.
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