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Default Realization of weight gain and its affects...

... On other parts of life beyond health....

The other day I got fed up with not having room in my closet, especially since I can't wear half of the clothes because I got too big. I didn't want to get rid of the clothes because I want to have them for when I lose this weight so I decided to just pack them up and store them and I was shocked when I saw the difference. My closet went from being packed with green, pink, purple, white, red and beautiful teal/aqua's.. a bunch of fun colors and shirts with designs to what I wear now and didn't even notice. Since getting fat, my clothes have all switched to black, dark blue and various shades of grey. So not "me".

I sat there and literally stared at my clothes and realized my mood also changed and matched the greys more often then the pinks and teals and how even losing just 10 pounds has made a huge difference in my mood and I can't wait to get back to being pink and not grey!
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Now that's an "aha moment" if I've ever heard one! Oprah would be so proud. What an interesting visual reminder of all the reasons you want to lose the weight. I'd say you should go shopping for a hot pink shirt you can wear right now! To **** with it... why wait?!

Love your Michael Pollan quote, btw.
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I find it weird to go into a store like Lane Bryant and see that they have sweaters and shirts in bright colors like orange or lime or hot pink. I always feel garish when I try them on. I guess it could be because the colors are so vivid and 'big' themselves that they make me feel a lot larger.
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