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Default Public speaking tomorrow :(

Ugh - just wanted to share my pain...I have to speak in front of a crowd tomorrow and get critiqued. And worse, my "speech" is going to be video taped and I have to come back with an analysis of my performance.

The idea of seeing myself on video is too awful! Somebody hide me!!
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Knocking down walls.
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At least you won't look as heavy on tape as you would've 20 pounds ago. And the camera adds 10 pounds, right? So you're down 30 right there!
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hi kc,

I'm presenting in front of a panel tomorrow as well - they will determine if I make it one step closer to program graduation - and I get my topic an hour before I present. So that's 60 minutes to figure it out and get my act together in front of the top in my field! Scary!!

I've also done in front of the video camera thing. After a few minutes, I forgot about it, so I hope you are able to, as well! I also hope you are actually critiqued, not criticised - as we can all use a little feedback, as long as it's constructive and appropriate.

What works for me - put out your clothes tonight, get a good night sleep, wake up early and try and look your very best. Then, do some deep breathing on the way there, listen to some kick-*** music and embrace your nerves! They will keep you sharp.

All the best luck! I will be thinking about you when it's my turn to go!
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It's about time
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Yikes! I'm sure you'll do great, but I share your terror. I have to start my semester-long public speaking class tomorrow. Think of it this way — at least you don't look like me!
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Oof, I hate those types of classes! As a trainer, I've been through that a bunch of times at different weights and honestly, I think I could be as thin as Kate Moss and I'd still hate seeing myself on camera! lol My best advice is to #1 wear something comfortable that you've been complimented on before. That means it'll be something that fits you well and is also flattering. #2-Know that what you see on tape is going to change! Use it as a motivator! #3-Know that what you see also isn't what others see. It's true that video lenses DO alter how you truly look. You'll do great! It's never as bad as you think it will be! Good luck!
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Oh, the first time I did this, I wish I'd had this advice!

Instead, I was videotaped wearing a satin shirt (and satin doesn't look good on anybody with rolls!).

You'll do fine and you'll get great pointer for your future presentations.
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