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Question Do I satisfy the crave and give in or do I resist??

Yesterday was my birthday and I made plans to have a nice slice of cheescake. I ate less in the past couple of days to make up for the excess calories I thought I would consume.

Turns out that I did not get my 'nice' slice of cheesacake. I ordered from one restaurant - it tasted like spoiled milk so I threw it away. I tried another one - it was just ok. I had two small forkfuls and decided that it just was not worth it. If I am going to go off plan - the food should taste exceptionally good.

Now here in lies my problem - I still have the craving. My stomach just feels like I have not satisfied it at all and I know its because I did not have my cheescake. What should I do????

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Well, if you really want your birthday cheesecake then I agree it should be an absolutely amazing birthday cheesecake. If you want to indulge then buy (or make) your very favorite cheesecake - have your slice and enjoy it.

However, depending on how long you've been without sweets, etc. you may find the cheesecake just doesn't taste the same to you as it once did. I know that even just a month in there are a few things that I used to consume with regularity (like soda) that now just don't taste right for some reason. My palate has changed and so the food no longer tastes the same. That could be what's happening with your cheesecake too.
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I know your feeling! First of all happy birthday!

I have found personally that things I used to like and could eat all the time (like cheesecake) just do not taste like I remember. Kinda sad in a weird twisted way.

Do you usually like this particular cheesecake?

Maybe try a few on plan sort of snacks and get through it. Your tummy does not know its missing cheesecake, your head does haha.

If it becomes a huge distraction, maybe grab a piece that you know you have liked before and test it out. If it does not taste as good as you remember, you know that its you that has changed, not the cheesecake.

Make sense?
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Like Sunshine73 said, buy or make one! But I'm going to echo her comment about it not tasting the same. I gave up poptarts and peanut butter about 6 months ago, and tried a bite of a poptart the other day. It tasted horrid, and I couldn't even finish it. Same with soda. Sometimes your taste just changes, so if you don't get the satisfaction from this, try a box of junior mints or something like that. At least that's what I do... haha.
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That stinks that you didn't get the cheesecake slice of your dreams for your birthday! But I think it's absolutely the right move to skip the slices that weren't living up to your expectations. I am never going to tell myself I can't have cheesecake again, but if I do decide to have it, it is going to be the very best cheesecake I can possibly find!

That said, I agree that our palates can sometimes change a little bit, or at least our physical reaction to what we used to enjoy. I decided on 2 pieces of fun sized Halloween candy this year, picked 2 of my favorites -- a Reese's cup and an Almond Joy. I ate them, and they certainly didn't taste disgusting, but they did not give me that same OMG feeling I used to get eating them. I was expecting after all that time eating no sweets that I would put it in my mouth and go into ecstacy, but really, it was just kinda "eh". Now I know if I kept on eating them, it wouldn't take long before I was craving them like crazy and finding them irresistable again. It was kinda a neat moment for me to realize that I really wasn't missing anything! And I have also noticed how much flavor some of the foods I've been eating actually have. The other day I was just amazed at how flavorful a piece of raw cauliflower is, when before it was just something to put the dip on.

You may have indeed just gotten some crappy cheesecake, but I wouldn't try too many more.
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Originally Posted by shannonmb View Post

You may have indeed just gotten some crappy cheesecake, but I wouldn't try too many more.
I don't think it is worth it either - I might keep trying and in the end have consumed even more calories than I really want.

It's rather interesting though but I did not consider that my palette might have changed. When my BF saw mw struggling with the slices last night, he did mention that something was probably wrong with my taste buds - but I did not think anything of his comment at the time!
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