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Default How many inches is too much?

I don't know my own weight, my fiancÚ weighs me and gives a loose idea of how much I lost that week.

Is it healthy and possible to lose 8" off the waist and 10" off the hips. Yes I know how I store weight will influence the change in measurements.

Like for example I know that trying to lose 50 pounds in 50 days is a bad idea. I just want to know what is realistic.
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By Christmas? It might be hard, but it also could be possible if you're kind of in the beginning stages of loss? I'm not sure really. I know that I've lost only 5 inches from my waist and 6 ish from my hips. I'm not big on measuring, but those changes have only happened since July 19, so that is a good 3 and a bit (nearly 4) months. That is also a loss of 27.5 pounds... so.. I guess I didn't answer you that well, but my thinking is that it could be a long shot to lose that many inches by Christmas, but just keep going and see where you find yourself!

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Well... you'll lose inches from all over your body, some areas more than others depending upon how you're built. There really isn't "too many inches" lost unless you are underweight. To know that, you'd have to know how much you weigh.

Why does your fiance weigh you? It would be nice if you knew your starting point so you could keep track yourself, in my very humble opinion.

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I like measuring inches, but it's very random. I only do it every few months. The numbers aren't big enough for me. I like the big numbers I get from the scale. Plus, I lose inches in weird places I wouldn't necessarily measure, like my fingers, feet, knees (!!), ankles. LOL! Weird places.
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Anyone else think this thread was going to be very different?

Inches are very, very erratic--sometimes they come off very quickly, sometimes things don't change for a while. Enjoy the quick phases and try not to get fixated on a time schedule. Just work your plan.
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Of course it's possible, When I started I was probably about a 36" waist and maybe 44" hips and I was in a size 18 going on 20, so you have more to lose.

My lowest was 35" hips and 25" waist, so I lost maybe 11" off my waist and 9" off my hips. I'm going off memory now so not entirely sure. Hips will only physically go as low as your bone structure allows but your waist can go quite tiny as there is not a lot there.

But I did that over quite a period of time, and I've put a bit on since then.
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I lost 11" from my bust, 10" from my waist and 13" from my hips but this was over two and a half years and 120lbs.

I was 48-41-54 and now 37-31-41


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I'll be honest and say that if you want to be successful, you really need to own your size (weight, inches, the whole package) yourself. That is the only way you are going to be able to keep track.

I didn't measure myself before I started. But there have been times when I lost weight but didn't go down in size and others when my size finally went down but not much actual weight loss.

Be realistic.
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Ah. Defintely need to re examine the time frame. Thanks for the reality check. I have lost a lot of weight before, the scales ruled my mind. Never again. That is why fiance weighs me, I have a harder time obsessing over a number I do not know.
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