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I'm Just a Little Crazy
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Default Things I Can't Possibly Change

I was wondering what little quirks everyone has - things in their diet that they just can't change and will make accomidations to fit them into their calorie count/points/whatever.

Like for me - Blue Cheese Dressing. I can NOT substitute FF Blue Cheese Dressing. I either have to use a whole different dressing or only eat the regular stuff on rare, special occassions.
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Ranch dressing. Same deal. I just stopped using it. The fat free version tasted like vomit.
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Starbucks! I'll be good and get nonfat milk and sugar free syrups but I will always give into a latte or frapp and just work out a bit harder later
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Bear Down..Lost 38 in '10
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Cheese! I have to have the real stuff!
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Sweeteners. They give me migraines. So it's water or nothing. I've been pop free for over months and counting! And I can't have anything "sugar free" or "lite" or any fakey desserts like that because of the sweeteners. So it's full sugar or nothing for me...most of the time I go with nothing.

Chocolate or popcorn...I will not and can not give up chocolate or popcorn, but especially chocolate.
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I'm on a Low Crap Diet
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Heinz ketchup, Heinz 57, Sweet baby rays original bbq sauce, and real cheese. Fortunately, I don't eat it very often but if I do it has to be that.

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Real cheese for me too. And aspartame gives me a headache, so nothing with sweeteners.
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I avoid artificial sweeteners, just like I largely avoid sugar, for health reasons, so that doesn't really count. But I absolutely will not eat fat-free cheese. I find it abhorrent. And, well, fat is good for you, provided you pay attention to what you eat. I'm not afraid of the fat in cheese. Given that, I suppose I don't feel I am making accommodations in my diet for cheese.

I will eat refined sugar in moderation. I am not opposed to chocolate or cheesecake or ice cream.... And I always eat "the real thing" when I indulge. I could change this: I've gone without sugar for months on end before. I just choose not to change it. I like having real, honest-to-goodness-decadent dessert. I'd rather eat one piece of Godiva Chocolate Cheesecake a month than eat a Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich every day. So, I suppose that is the second reason that I avoid artificial sweeteners: I like my sugar.

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Girl Gone Strong
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As others have said: Really good artisanal cheese.

I love Murray's & the thought that I could never even in my life have a sliver or a fragment of the wonderful stuff they carry there would make me very sad.

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Cheese for sure! The low fat stuff just doesn't taste good at all--I'd rather not eat it at all. So I just have less real cheese, which is probably healthier anyway!
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I can't stand using spready cheeses as a substitute for cheddar or something, but I'm fine using LF cheddar. I can't taste a very big difference. Also not a fan of WW bread and the thin slice low cal ones that just make floppy sandwiches :s
I'd rather use up some extra calories on some nice granary etc!
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I definitely second the Starbucks one!! There are actually a lot of low calorie options there...I've switched to the hot green tea...delish and I'm pretty sure it's 0 calories!
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full-fat dairy.

I still put whole milk in my coffee, even though it's not much, and if I have to choose between half and half I and low-fat I go for the low-fat.

I also sometimes eat full-fat yogurt in 4 oz servings and ditto for full-fat cottage cheese.

I much prefer the taste, and in small servings the calorie difference is small.
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Okay well this is a lot bigger than the things you guys named but cheeseburgers are the one food I just can't give up! Just absolutely have to have one sometimes and make everything else work around it! I can sometimes knock the craving off by eating a veggie patty with all the condiments, etc on it but other times I have to have the real thing!
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I hate to say it, but Chipotle. I just ... I can't have anything other than a burrito. BUT! I make allowences for it in my daily calories when I know I'm going to have it and I discovered you can ask for half portions of their servings and they'll give it to you, so viola!

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