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    Welcome to a thread full of encouragement, support and humor, as we share our lives, restore our health, lose weight and raise a family! Welcome to all newcomers and also to our regulars!! Be sure to go back to SAHM's thread #61 to catch up on what has been happening in everyone's lives.

  • Hi all

    Wow - it seems like forever since I last posted! I hope you are all doing seems like there are some people missing from the regular group, but I'm glad to see others such as Mel and Anna keeping the thread going!

    As for me, things are calming down now that the weekend is here and last week is finally OVER! I had something going on almost every night last week and by the time Friday rolled around, all I wanted to do was come home and plop! The funny thing though was that I managed to w/o every day but Friday, including yesterday and today. So 6 days outta 7 ain't too shabby . I need to take my measurements again this week, so this will be month 2 and we'll see if anything got smaller (hopefully not just my chest - if they get any smaller, my chest will start sinking in! )

    Anyway, I hope people's lives are becoming a bit more calm with school fully underway. I know that sometimes the school year, with all the sports practices, swim lessons, cheerleader stuff, games, etc., can almost be more overwhelming than all the running around we do over the summer. Take it all in stride ladies, cause there will come a time when we long for these days back.

    Hope you all have a great week and I'll see you all soon!
  • Hi, Everyone!!

    Well, I'm back from my 2 over-night sleep-overs. The first one was just with DH, where we went to that golfing/memorial sponsorship's for one of his customers. The 2nd one was a 1-day camping trip with the whole family & 5 other families. Both were not too hectic, but feels good to be home again. This week will slow down a bit for me, so I should get a chance to start exercising again. I will pedal & read everyone's posts while doing it. Sassypie: Thanks for starting a new thread. It sounds as though your life has been as crazy as mine has been! Let's cross our fingers for a happy medium this week, okay? Congratulations on getting exercise in for 6 out of the seven days of the week! If you keep this up, you definitely should see a difference in the tape measure! Well, I'd better get going & throw another load in the washer & dryer again. TTFN
  • Hello there!

    Thanks for the new thread Sassy, and WTG on getting in your W/O last week. I wish I was more like you in getting things done. I still haven't done any exercise, I had planned too but our home theater system blew a fuse, and I haven't made the effort to do anything. I am going to get on the treadmill today, and maybe even go for a walk. Our momma dog need a little break, so I'll take her and get a little fresh air and enjoy this Fall like weather!

    Jackie, HI! Glad to see you'll be in more, it's been too quiet and I was getting lonesome

    Well I'm going get some exercise and a little house work done.

  • Good morning!

    Jen- thanks for starting the new thread! Great job on getting all that excercise in- I am sure that it will pay off. I sure hope that you are right about things slowing down..........right now my life is at such a breakneck pace that I can hardly keep up with it. Sorry to hear that yours has been hectic too.

    Jackie-we are glad that you are back too!!!!!!!! Hope that you got all that laundry done (after camping there is the potential for gobs of it I would think!) Hope that you get that time in on the bike too.......I know how it important to you it can be.

    Melissa- so you get an honorary electricians degree also? Hope that you got your workout in also and enjoy the fall weather. (Fall weather is great isn't it?) How is your diet going?

    As for me, well, I do get my workouts in- and will be leaving for another walk in 5 minutes. Still having major problems getting my eating under control. Tonite Dd has a soccer game, which I will get to see a bit of. That is after all the other stuff that I have to get to today..........another busy one.
    Gotta go get my shoes on (and get out of my jammies!) and walk.
    Have a great day.
  • Morning,

    Good to see you Ginny!

    Unfortunatly I STILL HAVEN'T exercised! I tried to fix the stereo component that's messed up but I was unable to do so. And I just haven't taken time out to get on my treadmill. Weigh in was yesterday and TG not exercising hasn't hurt me yet, I lost 2.6 lbs. for a total of 44.8 lbs! And let me tell you, I really wanted that .2 lb. to make it 45 total but I know I'll get it next week! Our momma dog is finally starting to eat again and her puppy is about to open his eyes. Things are getting better around here, but I sure miss all of you keeping me company! Hope to see everyone soon!

    Have a good day!
  • Hi gals!

    I actually have some quiet time right now (my sister took the girls shopping - yay!!), so I thought I'd do a quick post! Have to make it brief though cause I need to get exercises in before I leave for my meeting tonight.

    Well, I have to confess that I didn't lose much in inches this last month. It makes me mad really cause I have been working out really hard and focused the whole time - even when I really DON'T want to. I feel like I look better and my clothes do fit better so why hasn't the tape gone down? I don't really get it but I'm gonna keep at it anyway. I have, on a positive note, lost 11# since I started in May/June, but that's still pale compared to the average person. What's up with my body? Why is it so slow? Oh well, at least nothing's gone up!

    Mel - 45# is so great! I can't believe weight watchers works so well. Is it something you have stay on for life? I don't really know much about it other than you can eat a ton and have weigh-in meetings. I hope you get everything figured out with your HTS. I'm gonna call you Gadget Girl cause you seem to be oh so handy around the house - lol!

    Ginny - my workload this week has been lighter thank goodness but it never really ceases completely where I can just curl on the couch under a blanket and read a book/magazine. I've been trying to get some reading in during my break at work and that's about the extent of it. When I'm home, it's homework, dinner, laundry, misc. cleaning, errands, Brownies, baths, kids' books, the list could go on forever! I know you know the feeling!

    And speak of the devil, here come the little lovelies now, just about to enter the door. Take care ladies and I'll try to check in again. BYE!!
  • Morning!

    I can't believe nobody's been here in a few days! Oh well, things are fine here. Our momma dog is eating, and taking care of her pup. I'm still OP, and I did get on my treadmill Thursday for 35 minutes but not yesterday. I'm gonna get on again today, and maybe do my WATP tape since the VCR is working again. Ds has a football game today, then I have to come home and clean house and cook for company.

    Sassy, I love the WW program. It's based on teaching us how to eat right, and in moderation. We're suppose to eat 5 fruits/veggies per day and drink at least 48 oz. of water per day. The meetings are a big help, every week they cover different topics, all having to do with the program and how to work it. I'm sorry I can't explain it very well, but I just love it. I finally feel like I'm in control of me, and I feel great about that! I think if I post our 8 steps, that would explain it better, so I'll do that later.

    Where is everyone?
  • Hi!

    I'm here & I've really missed you all! My plans to check in more often failed. DH decided to take an office day on Thurs. & a day of vacation on Friday! My PC's monitor will not turn on again & DH had his Lap Top tied up most of the time. Then.... when I had the chance to grab his laptop, all three of our phone lines were being used by dh! Thank goodness for cell phones, I at least had some line of communication! Well, we have just about a month left of our personal challenges. I'm glad that I stuck to only a 5# challenge, as of today, I still need to work on the entire 5# yet! I didn't keep my promise to pedal either. Without having a PC and/or a working TV set, it's too boring to pedal for any length of time. So...I'll try again this week. I did get a chance to do some extensive cleaning/organizing in the past week though. Most days I worked up such a sweat that I had to change/ shower again by mid-day. (This should count towards something, shouldn't it?) Mel: It sounds as though you & I are really going through an electronics crisis lately, huh? Congrats on losing almost 45# too! I sure wish that I had a current success story to tell you all right now! I'd be very much interested if you would post the 8 steps for us. By just knowing & following the points system, I can be somewhat successful if I put my willpower into it. Lately, I've been better off at taking hour naps instead of hour workouts. I think it's due to the new meds that I'm on. I sure wish I'd get the "Spring Chicken" feeling back again! As for your new pup: They're a lot of work, but it's so rewarding to watch them, isn't it? Our Mamma Kitty's litter of kittens are over a month old now & are so much fun to watch. I'd love to keep them all, but I know it's impossible. I'm sure I won't have a dry eye when it's time to part with them. I'm trying to find homes for them where I know the people, so I'd still have the chance to visit them once in awhile. Sassypie: I hope you enjoyed every minute of your downtime the other day. As for your measurements & weightloss results: I wouldn't worry too much about it! As you probably know by now-muscle weighs more than fat & takes up less room on your bod. As long as your clothes are getting loose, I wouldn't worry too much. Ginny: You busy gal, you! Somehow you still manage to get your walks in, good for you!! How's your yellow submarine been treating you lately? Have you been spending less time living in it lately, or are you still doing the am & pm routes yet? Hang in there, you crazy Mom! (You have to be nuts or go nuts driving a school bus!!) Well, my dd just woke up & she's not feeling well, so I'd better scoot. TTFN!
  • Hi!
    Wello, you ladies get the medal of honor for putting up with me... I hardly ever get to post and when I do it is typically the bums rush. My cheap excuse today to get online was that I had to pay two bills- and I thought I would clean up email a bit.

    Jackie- well my friend, sounds like we are in the same boat! I have not lost a thing.......... but lets kick each other in the behind and try again. Remember last year when we did the Halloween challenge????? That is what got me going big time- back on WW and I lost about 21#. (sadly, most of it is back on ). Want to try for that again? (Not the gain! hehehe) Glad that you got your cleaning in- I know you will get back on the bike sooner or later. And when you do- we all know what happens! Hope that your new meds are working out for you too. Please remember to take them- unless the Dr says otherwise.

    Melissa- you are just awesome!!!!! 45#!!!!!!!!! Gosh, I do envy you. But Hang in there- you are doing great. WW is such a good program- and I love how you really can eat anything you want- it is all about choices. One of my favorites is spaghetti squash, with a whopping 0 points- that you can have and eat spaghetti with the rest of the clan (who get the real carbs). You are doing so well, I am happy for you! Glad that you are getting your workouts in too.

    Jen- you busy lady! (I forget, what kind of work do you do and how many hours per week?). I hear ya with the wanting to crawl under the covers and read......or snooze............Sorry that the tape measure has not shown much- perhaps you have just kind of redistributed what you have- or toned it up in a way that does not show up in less inches but less flab. Just a guess, I dunno.
    How nice of your Ds taking the girls out for a while to give you a break. Hope that you enjoyed it!

    Yes I am still behind the wheel of my big yellow submarine (feels like a sinking ship at times............) both mornings and afternoons.
    But I think I have only two more weeks of am's- the money will be nice (checks are on two week delay) but I really miss my time.
    It has been at an all out pace since the beginning of September, and with both Dd's playing soccer............and the practices and having to pick up Dd (16) almost every day after becomes overwhelming. But I am doing ok......just busy. I have to get those walks in, without them I would be totally insane.
    Dd had a bad cold at the end of last week (BTW, Jackie, I hope that your Dd is feeling better!) and we have all felt a wee bit under the weather.

    Guess I had better go and get ready for dinner. Have a great nite!
  • Morning Ladies!

    The 8 steps to a healthy weight:

    1. Pay attention to serving size.
    2. Choose at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day.
    3. Choose at least 2 servings of milk and milk products a day (3 if you're a teen or over 50).
    4. Include protein rich foods in your diet.
    5. Choose a variety of grains daily, especially whole grains.
    6. Limit alcohol, high sugar, and high fat foods.
    7. Drink at least 6 glasses of water every day.
    8. Insure your nutritional well being by taking a multiple vitamin-mineral supplement every day.

    Someone also sent the SUPPOSED points formula! It's as follows:
    Take calories, add fat x 4, subtract fiber x 10, then divide by 50.

    So, something with 200 calories, 3 gr fat and 2 gr fiber would be:
    200 + 12 - 20, divided by 50 = 3.84, or 4 points.

    Remember to keep the fiber no more than 4 x 10

    I hope y'all had a good weekend and things calm down for you soon!

  • Good Morning!!!
    Actually it is getting late in the morning..........but I hope that each of you is having a good one. Thanks Melissa for printing out the 8 steps for WW. I have the program-but have not attended a meeting in years.... and never heard of the 8 steps (they are probably explained at the meetings, dummy me!). But I like the program just because it makes so much sense and works when adhered to. You are a perfect proof of that!~

    As for me I am a bit down today. TOM is here.........and the tribe left the house looking like a bomb exploded in it. What did me in was when Ds threw the clean laundry out of the dryer (must have been looking for something) and left it all over the floor. That was sort of the straw that broke the camels back. Well, I have decided to take the rest of the am off........and will get at least an hour of rest in. I did get up and go for a walk this am, sort of a short one and I hope to walk a bit more during Dd's soccer practice this evening.
    Off for some rest. Have a great day.
  • Howdy!

    I's late! My monitor is dead for sure now. My only chance for a line to you gals is to wait for dh laptop & this is the first chance that I got today. Mel: Thanks for posting the 8 steps for us. I guess I needed a little reminder again! Ginny: It sounds as though we are in the same boat with TOM too! I've got a real doozer one this month. I can always tell by the level of my PMS just before. I went to a clothing party the other night & came home crying & was really sensitive to peoples comments to me. the fun part: (Running to the potty every other minute!)
    It came early, so I had to cancel my annual GYN appt. that was supposed to be scheduled for this a.m. I ended up staying home all day today. DH took dd to school in the a.m. & I didh't have to go any where until it was time to pick up dd @ 3:00 today! What a break, I really needed one! Of course, my entire day to myself was spent balancing the checkbook, paying bills, laundry and tidying up the house! How special, huh? Ginny: I hope you got the much-needed rest that you were talking about. It's unbelieveable how fast the family can trash the house, huh? It's too bad we can't clean it just as fast! Mel: Thank you also for posting the points formula for us. I sure hope that I have enough brain cells to figure out how to calculate all the points! Well, dh said it's time to get off the 'puter, so nighty, night! Oh! One more thing: Spryng & Misty--Where are you? I'm starting to worry about the two of you! Drop us a line or two if you're out there lurking somewhere, okay? Take Care!
  • Ladies, I'm still going!
    As of last night, I lost 2 lbs. this week, my total is now 46.8 lbs!!!
    And I'm proud to say that I am back to exercising, but not everyday YET. I'm just gonna work my way back up, and take it slow.

    Ginny and Jackie, you ladies are awesome! I could never keep up with all that you do, and I'm so glad you still have time to come in here and visit!

    Well, I need to get my workout done and a few chores too.

  • Hi girls -

    Quick post cause I am soooooo tired and need to get some sleep.......

    How's everyone doing? It seems like it's been pretty slow around here and I don't blame anyone for not having the time to stop in. I know I certainly haven't been able to! I have been really busy the last few weeks with my oldest dd's birthday parties. Last weekend was family and this weekend is with 16 6-7 year old girls! Sometimes I don't think at all before I commit myself to things - I must be crazy to have that many wound up giddy girls over at one time! Dh and I have planned it all out though so I hope things will run smoothly and I won't have a migraine from all the screaming afterward! (What is up with little girls and screaming anyway?) Dd will be happy anyway and that's what counts right?

    Things have been strange around here with my family. I have an Aunt who has some mental health problems and we are having a "family meeting" in the next few weeks to try and figure some things out. My cousin (her daughter) and I will be doing most of the planning and set-up of the meeting. It's a bit ackward though b/c we will be facilitating the whole thing with our Aunts and Uncles and my family seems to have a thing with taking advice/being educated by the "youngsters". I have a feeling that it will not be received as well as we would like. I'd go more into detail but I just don't have the energy. Ask questions if you want, I don't mind.

    On the weight-loss front, I missed w/o's last week from Thurs-Mon. I was up so late every night and busy with so many different things that I know I would have collapsed if I tried to w/o. This week has been a little better as I have gotten it in everyday so far. (That 's only 2 days for those of you who are counting! lol) I'm still trying but boy, am I tired all the time. Besides being tired, I can't w/o until after the girls go to bed and that's at least 8:30pm so by the time I get done and showered, it's 11pm or later. (Usually later!) Speaking of later........I gotta go to bed or I'll fall asleep at my desk tomorrow.

    Btw, Ginny asked what I do and how many hours I work. I work in a bank in loans and with the rates being as low as they are, things have been bonkers around there! My hours are generally from 8-2 M-F but depending on the day and who's picking the girls up from school (Grandparents have them 2 days/week), I will sometimes stay later. I average around 32 hours per week. The nice thing is that they asked me to come back and were willing to pretty much give me any schedule I wanted. So I leave just in time to do after school pickup. Lucky me, I know . I'm very grateful for such a good group of people to work for.

    Anyway, so much for short.....take care and hope to check back in soon......Have a nice week .