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Question "But what is my MOTIVATION?"

... asks the Method Actor!

Is is just me or does anyone else on this board question their motivation for spending so much energy losing or maintaining weight? Or gaining weight? Or thinking about weight?

[COLOR=sky blue]Okay, the above is a yes or no question, but what I'm really proposing is everyone chime in here with FIVE REASONS I am motivated to manage my weight. (If you want to ... I'd really be grateful!)[/COLOR]
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Ok, Amarantha, here are FIVE REASONS I am motivated to manage my weight:

1) Much research shows that even a modest weight loss improves risk factors for a whole host of life threatening conditions. In cases of true obesity, from which I once suffered, health risks skyrocket. I like to live, ergo, I am paying attention.

2) This is not meant to be sad, just my reason: My younger brother died too early in life. He was obese on top of other health factors. I have vowed to live well and take care of my body in his honor.

3) My knees hurt. I want to keep weight off of my knees so I can hop around and be active and spry as a young chicken.

4) I feel more comfortable in clothes when in a sleek and fit body.

5) I like playing the weight game, counting calories and fitness minutes, designing software for my weight loss journey, keeping a fitness journal and just generally watching every bite I ingest and every step I take.

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This question really makes you think. Not sure I can come up with five reasons, but here I go...

1. Members of both sides of my family, including my father, have had or have diabetes. I do not want to contribute to that risk by being overweight.

2. I like to do active things like ride my bike, swim, hike, etc. It's much easier and more fun (because I don't have to be self conscious all the time) with less weight.

3. My work/research/school requires me to be very active. Last year and this year I have had to help our game and fish commission with some sampling on a lake. I could definitely tell a difference for the better this year, almost 50 pounds down from what I was last year.

4. I want to feel better about myself.

5. Very materialistic, but I enjoy being able to buy clothes in stores other than plus-size clothing stores. I know I still have a ways to go, but it sure does feel good to be able to where 14's and 16's.



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Searching for Motivation
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Hey Girls!! (eh hem.....I mean WOMEN!)

Here are my five reasons for losing/maintaining/watching my weight...

1) I DESERVE to be taken care of.

2) My kids DESERVE a mom who can get down on the floor and play dolls, pony, games and anything else their huge imaginations can dream up.

3) I'm tired of being tired all the time. I want to be able to go up more than 2 flights of stairs and not be winded. I want to have more energy period - a healthy body will allow me these small luxuries.

4) I want to look in the mirror and be satisfied with my body. I don't have to be a size 0 - just proportionate to my frame.

5) I don't want to end up like so many member of my family - obese and with serious health issues. It's definitely an uphill battle - but I'm fiesty and prepared for the fight!!

Great thread Amarantha - very inspiring!! Thanks for making me finally put these thoughts to paper (so to speak ). Take care ladies!

and (all the time...grrr.....)
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Default and the Survey Says...

Lets' see, Q. Amarantha, if I can limit myself to only five reasons!

1) Health! Family history of heart disease, high blood pressure, obesity.

2) [linked to #1] Healthy for my kids, as in setting a healthy example for them. If they see me make nutrition and activity a priority instead of a burden, they will be more likely to carry on in that vein.

3) Vanity. I like how I look when I'm not overweight, or even when I'm somewhat over, but not too far gone, say 5 - 8 lbs or so. It's a mental thing, but how I feel and how I look go together.

4) When I'm in control of my weight I feel more in control of my life overall. Other worries don't seem so bad, stress seems more manageable.

5) The hot humid summers are not as hard on me as when I weighed 200+ lbs. I can mow the grass, clean the pool, rake, just go for a walk, these things were beyond me 3 years ago. If I had tried I would have keeled over in the heat/humidity. And since we have this heat 75% of the year, being able to be active no matter the weather is so liberating.

6) {see, what'd I tell ya?!} I no longer have to hide my bulk under sweaters, blazers or jackets. I don't yet go sleeveless, but I can go much lighter than I used to!

great thread, as usual Amarantha!
"If the thorn of a rose is the thorn in your side..."
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#1 - Health, that is usually the first and most important reason for losing weight. We can now live longer and have a more physically comfortable life. I completely eliminated my diabetic meds, and greatly reduced my bp meds, which is good.

#2 - Being more attractive. Presenting a better physical appearance to the world. This is important to any woman, any age.

#3 - To save money. Clothing in the Misses Department is much less expensive than clothing in the Pluz Sizes Department. Reducing my medications sure saves money. And eating healthy is cheaper than eating fast food or even the snacky stuff in the grocery story. (Wish I had all the money that I have saved.)

#4 - To feel good about myself. I have achieved something that I am proud of, I have lost weight. And I lost those
46 1/2 lbs. at the age of 74, which shows that it can be done at any age. I am worth the effort it took, I am happy with the results. I would be happy to lose a few more lbs., which may or may not happen. We'll see. But right now I feel very happy and proud.

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Thanks to all who posted! I'm inspired and proud just reading about this motivated group.

JoJoJo, you ARE the living answer to those of us (me mostly) who say because of our age, it's just too hard to lose the weight and not worth it either.
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thanks for the topic, amarantha!

5 reasons i'm motivated to manage my weight:

1) i have ms and it is hard enough to get around just because of that (leg weakness, numbness; and intense fatigue, etc.) and i don't want to make living with ms any harder than it has to be.

2) i have spinal cord damage and will need spinal fusion surgery at some point in the future. i want to make it easier on my poor back in the meantime and for my recovery after the surgery.

3) i'm just plain tired of my large size and want to feel better about myself.

4) i want to look better and be able to wear more attractive clothes.

5) i want to be able to cross my legs again comfortably!
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