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Default Yo! One Day Challenge

Proclamation: Be it known that Queen Amarantha has somewhat returned from oblivion and a health crisis, but now her brain cells have finally processed the fact that she can't do the 21-day challenge. Starting over on day one every day mitigates against her life plan of thinking positive forever. So, having a trial membership at eDiets and finding she doesn't like it in that queendom as much as this queendom, she has borrowed another challenge idea from there: The One-Day Challenge.

Be it known that Queen Amarantha is declaring a One-Day Challenge holiday in her personal queendom and has written out a calorie plan equaling 1660 calories and two hours (yes) of accumulated exercise, of which she's already done 90 minutes of pole walking. All subjects of Amarantha's queendom (just her royal self) are participating in this joyful holiday challenge. It is the first annual Amarantha Day! Her calorie plan includes extensive use of Slimfast, which is the national drink of her countrydom! She will return henceforth (e.g., later) to let the universe know how it all went.

Proclamation: BE IT KNOWN THAT Any other Queens, Crones, Fairy Princesses, Executive Goddesses, or just plain folk, including visitors from eDiets or any other queendom or threaddom in any vicinity are invited and welcome to post a one-day challenge of their very own here for fun if they so desire as long as they promise to come back and report on their success so Queen Amarantha will not have to be curious!

Amarantha's Challenge Checklist:

Stick to plan for 1660 calories ... Yes, No?

Do two hours of exercise (accumulated) ... Yes, No?

Amarantha's Weight Goals: Deciding on Sunday

Amarantha's Motto For Today: ONE DAY AT A TIME!
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Is it Friday yet?
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Hail Queen Amarantha!

I think your idea is an awsome one! Good to see you back so soon and I hope your health crisis wasn't a serious one...

I'm with ya, sometimes one day, today, is all I can keep a firm grasp on.

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Hi Amarantha!

It can be a little demoralizing at times for me to always be at Day 0ne---there are times when I just can't get that string of days behind me, so I think I know what you mean.
I have to come up with a plan of my own, a mission statement, as it were--maybe I'll work on that this weekend.
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Your Royalty, I thinkith you have hit upon it (or was it ediets?) never matter, I am here to join you. I am Princess of the Lawrence Castle. Being of Princessness, I'm accustumed to receiving all that I wishith, and I wishith to lose 25 lbs (give or take a few). Like you and countless others, everyday for me is "day 1". It tis a headache, I must agree. But since today I did not do so well, tomorrow shall be "day 1", again.

So I proclaim today as "Princess of Lawrence Castle Day". Tomorrow I will

1) not gorge myself with fattening foods

2) Walk on the Royal dustcollector (a.k.a. treadmill) as long as my children let me

3) Come back to 3fatchicks and report to the Queen how I did. (I wouldn't want to keep her in suspense. She might start yelling "Off with her head! Off with her head!")

Princess of Lawrence Castle's motto for today:
***If your head is always caught in the fridge, maybe that's because it always IS in the fridge.***
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Yo! Queen Amarantha's Report on her Royal Challenge:

Stick to plan for 1660 calories ... No (2240)

Do two hours of exercise (accumulated) ... Yes (90 minutes of pole walking, 30 minutes of pole walking in three sessions)

Amarantha's Weight Goals: Deciding on Sunday

Amarantha's Motto For Today: ONE DAY AT A TIME!

Queen Punkinseed: I love your motto: Every passing moment is a chance to turn it all around. My health crisis was not particularly serious ... just a flare-up aggravated by anxiety! Thanks for asking.

Queen and Goddess-In-Training Eydie: I think the string of days thing is definetely a hang-up for me at the moment. One day can seem like a lifetime sometimes and if you think about it, one day really is a lifetime, as it's all we actually have. I think you have the perfect mission statement right there on your post: "... speak to the Queen and the Queen will answer ..."

HeidiL: Queen Amarantha would never lop off your head for not talking to her. She would just sigh gently and become introverted ... or stick her head in the fridge! Hope your One Day Challenge goes well and the Royal Dustcatcher enjoys its much-deserved attention! Maybe the children could do walk aerobics around the room as you ride RD (Royal Dustcatcher) ... they could play a game that they do walk aerobics (marching and dancing in place) alternating with sitting quietly and see if they can do that longer than mommy can walk on RD, they get a prize? I used to play games like that with my nephews when I'd babysit with them and want to watch them but get my exercise.

To all Royal Ladies and Fabulous Lurkers: Thanks to eDiets for giving me this idea even if I couldn't meet my challenge. Maybe I'll do another one tomorrow. BTW, hello to the Royal Blockettes and Mom!!!
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Default So glad you're back!

Queen Amarantha, so good to see your colorful post and 'hear' from you! Glad all is going well for you and you've found a way to challenge yourself that suits you.

I've been wondering for awhile now, but didn't ask because I didn't want to appear too nosy/dumb, but... well, here goes...with your level of activity, are you sure you are allowing yourself enough calories? Just a thought. With WW you know everything is points and figuring out the amount you earned or burned can be confusing, but I'm just wondering if by not allowing yourself enough calories, given all the time spent pole-walking, maybe it sets you up to 'over eat' to compensate? Just a thought. I found the magazine where I'd seen the article on pole-walking, very interesting.

We hope you'll pop in to say hi on the 21 Day thread occasionally, and we'll be sure to check in here. You've been missed.

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Yo! Not posting a challenge today but just replying to upandaway!!! (Rhymes) Thanks for the support U&A! Definetely eating enough calories to balance exercise is important. With my original weight loss, which is now reversing itself, I used a baseline of 1800 and that worked consistently. I do believe that many people try to lose weight at too low a calorie level ... IMO it should never go below 1500. I use a formula to figure the calories I need and it seems to be on target as of now ... my problem is that I exceed that not by a reasonable amount but by thousands of calories on occasion. Re pole walking, I do worry that I give the wrong message on this board that I engage in immensely long punishing exercise sessions ... nothing could be further from the truth or further from what I believe in. I walk at a rather slow pace now because of being out of shape, so the length is not excessive and some days I break up the walking into short sessions ... and exercise, especially walking is a joy to me, not a mechanical means to burn calories. I think you are right (though you didn't exactly say it) that sometimes people are so eager to lose weight they starve themselves and engage in excessive exercise and in fact when I was younger, I did suffer from bullemia, but not now. Hope you and the Blockettes are well. Got to run (walk)!
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