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Thumbs up Fast Food Junkie

Hi, I was wondering if anyone else has an "addiction" to fast food or going out to eat in general. I absolutely LOVE to eat out, I prefer it over cooking at home. That's my main reason for gaining my weight and my main problem for not being able to lose any. I know there are low cal/fat food I can order, but it's still higher than if I was to cook healthy at home. It seems so much easier to eat out and if I don't order expensive food, it's not that costly compared to me cooking at home. If anyone is in the same boat or has any good ideas on what I can do to overcome this, it would be great!
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Hi, SparkiMG! No brilliant ideas but I know what you're saying. I prefer convenience store food or just going to a restaurant than eating at home, but that's because I work at home and I get tired of it. But when I go out on the road on an assignment or traveling these days, I try to have frozen meals and snacks on hand in a cooler. I make sandwiches, bars, etc., a few days ahead and freeze a supply, then take them in the cooler and just carry it around with me. If someone wants me to go to lunch, I just stash the cooler in their office fridge. No one thinks it's odd.

I do think a person can make good choices in fast food stops, restaurants and convenience stores, though. I guess sometimes I just want the yummy stuff instead of, for instance, the convenience store's fruit, yogurt, low fat cheese, crackers, bottled water or fruit juice, cottage cheese, baked chips, etc., even a slimfast and piece of fruit. At a restaurant I ususally want a piece of cheesecake or some heavy dessert instead of a piece of grilled chicken and vegetables and a glass of skim milk and NO dessert. Fast food isn't TOO bad these days. One of the chains has a veggie burger; they all have salads and one can skip the dressing or bring one's own bottle of low fat (one can carry this in the car); there's a yogurt parfait at one chain ... seems kind of high in calories compared to a home version, but still it's low fat and has fresh fruit. Also, delis in grocery stores and even the grocery store itself are good places to get a meal out in little time. Skipping fried chicken, of course, one can buy lowfat cheese and fruit, cottage cheese, yogurt, precooked and packaged chicken pieces all ready to eat and lowfat, slimfast and a huge variety of diet shakes and little bottles of low fat milk (I always go for the high fat stuff, though, sigh), crackers, rolls sold individually, even ONE cookie from the bakery.

It's hard. I find it hard, too, I guess the answer is not to give up eating what, where and when you like, but to carry a food journal and make wise choices and write them down so you know how much you've eaten by the time you finally arrive home for the day. Then one can usually have a nice little snack or meal and go to bed. Easier said than done, but ...

As you say, "Just do it!"

Have a great day.
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Angry Hi Sparki!

My husband and I used to eat out A LOT but since I've been dieting, we've had to cut it out significantly. You're right; eating out is rarely as healthy as eating in (even if you choose one of the lowest fat/calorie items on the menu).

BUT... I do have a suggestion! Weight Watchers puts out a book that lists the number of points of most foods at all the popular fast food restaurants contain. Even though I'm not part of WW, I find it really helpful. It also gives you ideas. For instance, whenever I go out now, I pull the skin (full of fat and calories and sauce) off of the chicken before eating it. It immediately makes your dinner like 3 times better for you! The book also points out the number of points a simple serving of fries are; you're always better to opt for a salad or veggie side dish.

The book allows me to go out for a few meals a week and still lose weight at a significant rate. I've lost close to 30 pounds in the last couple of months!

Hope this helps! Good luck losing weight!

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Unhappy Fast food junkie

I too am a fast food junkie. And that is also what keeps me from losing. It is quicker to stop and get something than to go home and cook, I agree.
However, once you get organized and begin cooking again. I find that the food I cook is more satisfying. Also, I am more relaxed when I sit down to eat. I have begun eating at home more. Buying simple foods to cook fast. Healthy foods I can grab quickly. Now I usually come home grab an apple or banana and begin cooking whatever it is I have decided in advance to make. I would like to see a day when fast food is considered a treat and not the norm.
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Default thanks!

Thanks for the replies, guys! I have done very week about not eating out. I started a new job and told myself, why not just make a big change with my life too? So, I have only went out to eat once during lunch and ate a grilled chicken sandwich w/ no mayo. I found that drinking large amounts of water makes me forget about food altogether. Isn't that great? I also came to realize that my "better" half is a culprit in my bad habit, I tend to eat just because he is eating. He has asked me 3 or 4 days in a row if I want him to bring some fast food home for us, even after telling him I want to lose weight. That makes it a bit harder, but I am so proud of myself when he is eating some greasy fries and I am not. It's easier to leave the room or grab some water and fruit than to hate myself for falling into the trap.

I am definately going to try to have my foods prepared for the week and I am going to bring a healthy lunch with me to work and start cooking again when I get home. I love to cook, I just got out of the habit of doing it, so I am looking forward to it again. So thanks again for replying and anyone else that wants to put in some ideas or motivation, that would be great!
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