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Default I'm now in the 150s!!!! Yeow!!!

Smack me dumb!!

I only went to the gym 4 times in a row last week for hardcore stair master workouts and then took a day off Friday due to feeling a bit sick to my stomach after 4-5 days of triple digit weather outside Yesterday, I just took a brisk 20 minute walk downtown when it finally went into the lower 90s, phew!!

Got on the scale this morning, figuring I at least maintained my weight since exercise or not, I still counted my calories.

**This past week, the only different thing I had was just plain fruit salads for breakfast with no yogurt or anything. (Due to it being so hot outside you just don't want to touch the stove at all for an egg dish like scrambled eggs or an omelet, lol). I also had some dark 85% bitter chocolate for dessert. For drinks, I varied my liquid intake with some plain green tea and/or black coffee (nothing added) when I was at cafes with friends a couple times earlier in the week too.

I lost 2.8 lbs this past week!! I went from 162 to a terrific 159.2 lbs! Yeow!! I have slightly less than 35 lbs left to lose before I hit my goal of 125 lbs!

I hope I can lose some more before I slow down again!!

~ tea

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Wooo! Amazing! Congrats
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You totally rock it, ms chickie!!!

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Congrats, great job
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Yay!! Good luck!!!
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Loving life!!
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Awesome Congrats!
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Congrats! I wanna hit the 150's!!!!!
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That's fantastic! What a great feeling!
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Seeing the 150's must feel soooooo wonderful. COngratulations on all of your hard work!
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awesome tea! That must feel wonderful!
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Half Marathoner!!!
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Congrats! Keep up the great work, so proud of you!
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Your progress is amazing; you are an inspiration!! Way to go!!
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great job!
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Wow.You have lost half of yourself woman!!!!!!!
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WooHoo Tea!!! That's awesome!
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