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Default doctor visit question

so i am terrible about going to the doctor. i am always so ashamed to go because i am so fat. i am changing that though. even though im still not eating perfectly and exercising as much as i should i am no where near as unhealthy as i was a year ago. i know that i have pcos and maybe im even insulin resistant (they did a blood test for this years ago and then i never got the results which i am now thinking is rather strange) but anyway since ive already made some changes in the eating and exercising department, adding in suggestions and/or medications from a doctor should be much more helpful and easier to implement. i am so scared about the appointment though! its just a regular check up i have scheduled so what can i expect? i literally have not had a check up in like 3 years. what questions should i ask my doctor if i plan to continue losing weight? how often should i be going to the doctor? how would a good doctor react to me saying that i want to lose weight? this doctor is brand new for me as at the time of my last doc appt i was still going to my pediatrician so i want to make sure she is a good docter! i really hate that i have been so lax with my health and i am step by step changing that. im just looking for advice on communicating all my health concerns.
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Are you healthy? Do you feel good? If so, don't stress yourself out. I don't go to a doctor (except the gyn) unless I'm sick, so it's always years in between, lol! As far as being insulin resistant and not hearing back on the results, it probably came back negative, they charted it, and they forgot about it so they forgot to tell you. I've had that happen before on a thyroid test. As for you wanting to lose weight, any doctor would be thrilled to hear that from an overweight patient! Every doctor would like for his/her patients to have a healthy BMI number and I'm sure your new doctor will encourage you! Don't worry.
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just tell him your trying to lose weight and he may offer some suggestions but definately don't be scared to tell him....and btw i only go to the doc if i'm sick so i know what you mean
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I go to my doctor every year to get a pap smear, and have had a few not-so-positive experiences with docs in the past when I was morbidly obese.

First, I want to assure you that you are not "so fat". And by that I mean that here in the US there are so many of us that are obese and overweight, that you really aren't unusual.

As for what to ask, if you are nervous, write them down -- maybe a list of 3 or 4, and just tell him or her what you told us! Say that you are interested in being healthy!

But know that in this day and age of specialized medicine, your general practioner doctor may not have received any training in nutrition, dieting, etc. He or she may refer you to a specialist -- say a dietician -- to get additional information. In fact, you might just want to ask for a referral!

Good luck, and try to relax!

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Doctors are just people, there is no need to fear them. Just get in there and get your business done and be done with it. If you are having a pap/pelvic exam done for the first time, it will suck...but it doesn't hurt, it's just really embarrassing IMO. Any Doctor in their right mind will encourage an over weight person to lose weight. They might however, not like the way you are doing it if it seems unhealthy to them. If you are sensibility losing weight in a smart and intelligent way, your doctor will be thrilled and full of encouragement. If he/she is not, then it's time to look for a new doctor.
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You should obtain your lab results from your previous doctor too. You have the right to any medical information in your chart. Call the office and inquire about their procedures for this. They may have a form you have to fill out. I would definitely want to know what the results of your tests were and your new provider will want to know too.

Never assume your test results were negative. Many times they are not and mistakes do happen.

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Honestly I'd tell you not to let him mess up with your good work.
Doctors are humans (strange but true, lol) and they also have their personal opinions. So you may state you are following the XXX diet and he just doesn't like it and will start suggesting other or talking against it. Just go your way, they have no power over you.
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I would suggest making a list of things that concern you. Don't be afraid to pull it out and go through it item by item, I can assure you, you would not be the first to come in with a written list!

I would also ask to have some routine blood work done. Cholesterol, blood sugar, thyroid, etc. It's good to have these checked and also to get a baseline for comparison later. I had some blood work done after losing about 30 pounds and was very pleased to see levels drop. It helped me to see that there were internal benefits to my weight loss as well!

Keep up the good work, you are doing great!
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thanks everyone for the help! i know i am being silly and i will feel soooo much better once ive just gone and know for certain im not dying, haha.
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