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Default eeeeeeeeeeeeep....feeling like i feel before i binge and trying to stop it...

so here is what happened today.

wait. rewind. let me preface this with the fact that i've been watching what i eat for like a month now, have lost like 13 pounds and am totally STOKED, so this is a weak moment i know, and i know i can get through i am totally just looking for sympathy and encouragement.

so here is what happened today.

my computer's broken and since im not allowed on my host families (im an au pair in germany) computer i spend almost all of sundays in internet cafes, especially recently since i am applying for jobs for when i get back to the states so there is a lot of emailing i need to do and also phone interviews etc etc. i have like not a even a second to do this during the week as i have german class while the kids are in school and then the kids get home and after they go to bed i need to stick around since the parents dont get home til like MIDNIGHT sometimes. but anywho. its actually nice since nothing is open on sundays anyway in germany so im otherwise mega bored. blah blah blah IM RAMBLING. so i decided that on sundays i would WALK to the internet cafe (about 25 minutes) and back and as a treat id have subway for lunch as its close to the cafe and one of the only places open and marginally healthy.

its healthy, that is, if you're careful. i, however, got a footlong with chicken teriyaki, lettuce and cheese on wheatbread. like 800 cals and OMG the carbs. it wassss mostly an accident because i was unsure of how to order a half but really thats just a lie because i knewwww i wanted the whole thing (and really half is 'halb' in german -- nicht schwierig!!)! i was all ill eat half now and save the rest for later but noooo totally scarfed it down.

and now im totally dissapointed. normally i would consider this day a loss and binge but IM NOT GONNA DO IT. a whole subway sandwich is probably the healthiest binge ive ever done and i should be proud and it was a treat on a sunday! i just gotta get to the gym and work it off and be proud of the progress ive made (and that it wasnt worse!) right?!!? all is not lost!
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All is never lost! In fact, thinking all is lost is probably some of the worst thinking we can do!

You binged on a sandwich. Try not to make the whole day a waste!! As you said, probably the healthiest binge you've ever had! That's how you turn some of these behaviors around!
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I agree!!! A binge on a chicken teriyaki subway footlong is not the worst!! I agree with Heather, chin up and move forward!! You're doing great!!!

PS You are not alone, I've 'binged' on a subway sandwhich before, thinking I'd only eat half..
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Here in the States they are doing that $5 footlongs promotion right now, and come on, I am not going to pay more for a 6-inch, right? So I did order a foot long roast beef and provolone the last time I went to Subway, with the intention of eating half for lunch and bringing the rest home for dinner (I'd just gotten back from vacation and had no food in the house, which is the only way I would ever eat bread at dinner).

So to save myself from eating the whole thing at lunch, here's what I did: I unwrapped the sandwich, took out half, then wrapped the other half back up and put it away. In my case, it went into the fridge at work, but tucked into your bag would work fine too. It honestly is easier to stick to your promise to yourself if you just put it away before you even start eating.
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Been there, done that and bought the (XL) T-shirt.
O.K., you messed up - in a fairly small way.
The trick now is not to make it a big mess.
I have in the past done this kind of thing, then aggravated it by pretty much eating whatever I could find.
I would then feel so useless and worthless that I would just give up on losing weight altogether.
So now I am 50 and fat and it is so much harder to shift the weight when you're older.
So hang in there!!!
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subway binge is MUCH better than giant bag of cookies binge. take it easy on yourself, you're already making better choices in the first place by
1. walking to subway
2. choosing subway over something else
3. ordering chicken teriyaki (which is on the fit menu) over something like a meatball sub
4. STOPPING after the sandwich

you got a lot of positive in there....
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phew thanks everyone! i totally pulled threw and managed to stay within my daily cals anddd i went to the gym and busted off 650 of those cals!!
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