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Default The best diet for you, what works?

With so many diets on the market today and all the times we have tired this or that diet only to fail time and time again, what made you decide to pick the diet you are on now?
All of the diets are starting to run together, Either eat only from this food list, count every bite you eat, or get food delivered to your door.
How does one decide which diet is best? is it Lifestyle, likes and dislikes, family members, money? What?
I am getting stressed as to what is the best way for me to develop a whole new healthy lifestyle, and do it one day at a time, with plenty of water and exercise.

Seems my sensible eating thinker is broken.
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What's been working very well for my is a raw vegan diet. I've lost tons of weight and feel great!
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calorie counting is the easiest, cheapest, and most forgiving. It allows you to eat what you want when you want.
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I like veggies & beans/lentils a lot plus I need to watch my carbs/sugars so South Beach Diet works for me. It also allows me to eat a mostly whole foods diet too.

We all know that the way to healthy eating (and losing weight) is to stop eating junk food, fast food, processed food and the tons of sugar that is common to the modern diet. A simple way is to eat a meal that is 1/2 veggies, 1/4 whole grain/starchy veg & 1/4 protein. Add some fruit, LF dairy (or equivalent) & a little good fat like olive oil during the day and there you go!

Of course, if we all did this everyday this would be the Thin Chicks Board.

I would say to look for a diet plan that most closely resembles how you eat or how you would like to eat and use that to guide you. Trying to use a plan that has you eating or doing things that you absolutely hate will never work in the long run.
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almost all diets have worked for me, but so far the only one I've actually been able to stick with long term are weight watchers and calorie counting (they are both very similar)
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Calorie counting! It's very much like weight watchers in that you monitor your food and aim for a certain number each day. And it's free. And you can eat whatever you want, you just learn portion control, which I think is the ultimate lifelong lesson you can learn as a dieter. If you can master proper portion control, your weight loss will be infinitely easier.
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I had to invent my own, though it's based on the principals of diets I have tried, and the concepts that were easy for me to "live with".

I count calories first. I have a limit, and (almost) always stay within that limit. Next, I lost a lot of weight at one point in my life using the old weight watchers exchange plan, (I'd probably go back if they still did that plan just for the group support). So I base my food into groups and make sure I get adequate servings from all of the food groups daily....BUT, I always felt the exchange program was protein/carb lopsided. So I kind of switch it around to be a little more like south beach, where I eat fewer carbs and try (almost) always to stay away from anything refined. (Sugar/flour/corn sugars/white rice). I eat more protein than carbs...Oh, and volumetrics...I think I invented that long ago... I eat unlimited "free" WW veggies, and a lot of them!!...etc.

The results have been amazing, and I had been (almost) free of craving until Christmas when I allowed myself forbidden foods. It's been a challenge since then, but I'm getting and staying back on track. Sugar is evil I'll tell you! E.V.I.L. (For me and IMHO)
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Originally Posted by Lori Bell View Post
Sugar is evil I'll tell you! E.V.I.L. (For me and IMHO)
I wholeheartedly agree but it tastes sooooooo good! (lol)

The best diet I was ever on was when I stopped eating everything with refined white sugar and white flour. I did it for six weeks and lost fifteen pounds which I regained when I went back to my old eating habits. After the two weeks of withdrawals, I felt so good and healthy but then chocolate called me back to the dark side.

About two years ago I repeated the diet with the restriction of only whole natural organic foods (nothing processed) and I felt so wonderful. I'm working on moving back to that lifestyle because really that's what it was.
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Another calorie counting believer here. It is so nice not to restrict anything from my diet.
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I've tried them all but am currently doing WW & incorporating what I learned on LAWL in regards to whole, natural foods. I count my WW points & every day, but really try hard to meet all the "good health" exchanges (dairy, fruit/veggies, lean meats, whole grains) every day. I allow myself plenty of treats, but only after I've met all the exchanges for the day. I've also incorporated an "off-plan" day into my program. I allow myself one day off-plan (to be taken that day or someday in the future) if I meet my 2 lb loss for the week. Really helps me stay sane to know that I get a break now & then. Also allows for the flexibility of dining out & traveling. But I don't get that off day unless I meet my weight loss goals so I really have to work for it!
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Going to be a mommy!
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Smile Well...

I have been on every diet under the sun, but there is one thing I come back to time and time again... Weight Watchers.

I like the 2 fold approach- monitoring/portion control and the built in support/reward system. I find the meeting very motivating and like going to weight loss class each week. The reasons I have failed on WW in the past were that I got cocking after 6 months and thought I could do it on my own... I really need that support to be successful. I have support at home in the form of my DBF but it is not enough for me.

Whatever you decide stick with it!

oh, btw I find these boards very supportive and motivating as well. Happy boarding. :P

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Used to do Weight Watchers, now do South Beach. No added sugars or white flour. Eat tons of veggies, more lean protein, beans and low fat dairy and I'm more discriminating about the grains I eat. I love not having to count calories/points or weigh & measure. I eat whole, unprocessed foods and I feel great. I can easily maintain my weight loss and don't have cravings or constant thoughts about food.
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Wow, thank you all for your replies, I never thought of combining different diet plans to come up with something I could stick with. What a concept.
Lori, I too like the exchange plans, then I know I am getting enough fruits and veggies daily.
I have been looking into YOAD and also RS old foodmover, since I can't seem to keep a journal for very long. Never tired counting calories, isn't it too time consuming? There isn't a WW with 60 miles of me, so I plan on using this forum for my support, I think its great here.
DH is having heart surgery tomorrow, sure picked a great time to start a diet, I plan on taking YOAD with me for the endless hours of waiting.
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Loving life!!
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The one that works best for me is Weight Watchers....with calorie counting I tend to obsess a little and for some reason with WW I don't do it lol

I also like the extra accountability meetings bring.
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I hate the food police, even if they are in my own head, so I have lost 70lbs one bite at a time. I try to choose foods that help me succeed and avoid foods that do not. Sounds silly, but it has worked so far.

Limiting variety has also helped, I think less about food knowing what I am going to eat most days. Yougurt, granola for breakfast, salad or soup for lunch, fruit for at least one snack, sensible dinners. But I always remind myself I can eat whatever I want, aware that its either a step forward or step back. When I do step backward, I accept my choice, and move on.

Whatever you choose, do know it's about more than food. The best piece of advise I give you is what I tell myself every day. Feel your feelings, don't eat them.

Good luck
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