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Depressed Fatty
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Talking You inspire me

For me, I thought losing weight would never happen. It hasn't yet, anyways. But looking at serveral people's signatures, where they lost 50,30,80 pounds, really inspires me to try hard. I see weight loss is possible. I just wanted to say Thanks.
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Maintaining :)
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You can do this! Really! It seems overwhelming when you start - that you have so far to go. But, if you take it one day at a time, one lb. at a time - you can do it.

I remember being depressed thinking that it wasn't worth trying - losing 80 lbs would take me forever. How could I spend a YEAR trying to lose weight?

Then, through the folk here at 3FC, I realized that I just needed to make some adjustments to my lifestyle - I needed to change how and what I ate and get some exercise. Those small lifestyle changes DO add up. And - if you keep doing them, they become natural - and the weight disappears. It does take time (a year for me), but it does happen.

You WILL do this! Come back here often for inspiration, advice, and encouragement. 3FC is a fantastic place to help you along your journey.

I look forward to reading YOUR first mini-goal post

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Seriously, you can do it.
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career counselor a-gogo
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Even maintaining means you aren't adding lbs so small changes do make the future better! Go for it!
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3 + years maintaining
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For years, no make that decades, I didn't believe that weight loss was possible for *me*. Until one day I had had enough. I was miserable beyond belief and finally realized that if one person could lose weight, then it was really possible that ANYONE could lose weight - including myself. Losing weight is a DOABLE thing. And everyone and anyone has the capability to do it. YOURSELF INCLUDED.

You say that you know it is possible and that is the first step. Know it. Believe it. GO FOR IT!!!!!

I would say good luck to you. But actually someone said to me the other day, "You're so lucky that you lost the weight." And I gotta tell you, right then and there it hit me, it wasn't luck that got the weight off. It was hard work. There was no *luck* involved. Allright, perhaps, maybe, just maybe a teensy bit. But I'm not even sure if that's the case. It's not luck that is needed - it's determination. It's commitment. And yes, work. That's what's mostly needed. Hard work though that any one can do.

I too look forward to hearing all about YOUR success!!!!
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I think that the secret that a lot of us find out is that, while weight loss is hard, it is not IMPOSSIBLY hard...and it sure isn't as hard as all those fad diets I tried in my young twenties, attempting to loss 20 pounds in a month or whatever. I have lost 45 lbs. over the last about 5 months without feeling hungry everyday and without feeling deprived all the time. Sure, the exercise is tiring, but I also learned that you don't have to KILL yourself to get the benefits of cardio and strength training -- just move your body more and a little more and a little more -- building up to a higher level over time -- not from day one.

Personally I am a calorie counter and finding out that I could eat +/- 1500 calories every day, with moderate exercise, and that I could and would lose weight consistently on that was AMAZING. I kick myself for all those less than 1000 calorie starvation plans I tried in my ill-thought youth -- killing my metabolism and denying my body the nutrition it needed. Stupid! Stupid!

This is a change for life -- not for six weeks just to gain the weight back and start all over.

Good luck!

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Starting Over
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It's hard work but not impossible at all. Just takes a change in attitude and a willingness to follow through.
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Thanks to all of you who have posted about the possible. I too have been inspired. No, not losing much yet. But eating better, learning to curb the binges, even with stress, learning to eat smaller portions and feel good, that its ok not to be stuffed. Learning to be more active, making sure I exercise more, more days of the week, and make it a priority. This is what you have inspired me to do. I feel inspired to keep doing it, even tho I haven't lost a lot of weight yet, cause I know it will work over time.
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i am really glad you are inspired! keep up the great work! you'll get there!
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Let's salsa!
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I know what you mean. For me, 3FC was a huge inspiration as well not to mention a wealth of information. I learned so much here and it fueled me to keep going and to not give up.
And you know what - after a couple of month of being here I almost keeled over when somebody told me that *I* was an inspiration to her. I almost fainted when I hear that - knowing that not only I was progressing well with my weight loss but that other ladies could benefit from my experience as well.
That's why we are all here - to help each other, to extend a helping hand, to applaud to success (no matter how small), to cheer and support each other when things aren't so glam. That's what makes this forum such a special place.

I am sure that one day, YOU will be an inspiration to others, too.
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