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Default Changes in 2 weeks?

I know slow and steady is the best way to do it.. but im just wondering, how many here have experienced visible changes in 2 weeks of changing eating habits and increasing exercise?- i.e. clothes feeling less tight, less lethargic? Im trying to do at least 4 rounds of Body Combat a week now..
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I'm at the end of my first two weeks now. I lost 13lbs and my jeans do feel not as snug as they did before. I also noticed I'm not as tired. I'm not sleeping in as much as I used to which is nice. But I def don't think I look any different yet. Its an internal thing

But keep up what you're doing and soon everyone will be able to tell!!!
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Yes it is possible to see and feel changes in 2 weeks. Some people have some very drastic changes and some people don't ... if you're one of the lucky ones, celebrate it.

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I've been here for 2 weeks, watching calories and exercising minimally.
I have lost 7 lbs and my jeans aren't as tight.
My hubby asked if i had lost any weight, but honestly i think he asks me that as a little boost once i start dieting, whether he sees a difference of not.
For me, i can't really say i look much thinner.
I do feel like i am in the right mindset after 2 weeks to keep it up.
And i don't feel like overeating all the time. Before i started i could hardly stop myself from binging.
Good luck!
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Yep, after eating more healthy and less, after two weeks my jeans were getting loser. Feels great don't it!
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I'm at 2.5 weeks and I do not look any different. BUT my jeans are not as tight - a few weeks ago I would strip them off as soon as I got home and pull on some sweats cause the jeans were so tight & uncomfortable. Not anymore. Also my bras fit better & don't cut into me.

With regard to energy - the difference is night and day! I'm exercising daily and I find I am getting way more accomplished every day. Another benefit is that I'm falling asleep easier and waking up naturally early (for me 4:30-5AM) and have no problem getting up and getting going.

I don't really expect to notice any real physical difference until I'm down 20-30 pounds. Someone mentioned the "paper towel theory" in another thread and I googled it... I think it is the perfect explanation for the time it takes to see a noticeable change.
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