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Unhappy This is depressing.

I recently started to try and lose some weight. I was overweight to begin with at 5'6"/175Lbs. However I quit smoking in May and since then have gained weight. So I felt I wanted to do something. Last month when I joined I was up to 195lbs. So this past month or so I incresed some exercise by bike riding several days a week and doing some exercising at home. Previously I did not specifically exercise. I have increased drinking water and watch what I am eating. I do not weigh myself often but did so yesterday and I am now 197.8 Lbs. I must not be doing something right. I do not want to "give up" but today I feel so down on myself. It seems helpless. Thinking perhaps I should not have quit smoking at least not at this time. Did this happen to anyone else, where you gained some weight at first?
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First of all, you were 100% right to quit smoking now! Please please PLEASE don't second guess that.

For most of us, "watching what we eat" hasn't been enough. A little more structure might be necessary. I personally calorie count. Others do Weight Watchers points, South Beach, etc. Also, exercise is an extremely important component of a weight loss plan, but without reducing the calories you take in you may not see a change on the scale, despite the other health benefits.

So: keep exercising. Try a structured food plan. And definitely keep up your QUIT! Quitnet.com is a fantastic support forum, like 3fc, for quitters. Go check it out.

Good work making these changes!
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try keeping a food journal
its the only way ive ever been able to lose weight...when i do it i keep track of the times i eat, what i eat, the calories, and if i've exercised that day (in the case i have i write down the cardio minutes and resistance minutes)
its a little annoying...but really worked for me.
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The above posts are absolutely correct.

First of all, congrats of quitting smoking!!!

Now, let's focus on what you're doing. As mentioned, "watching what we eat" isn't always enough. Especially if we aren't keeping actual track. Extra calories can sneak into our diets in the strangest places. Find or create a food plan that works for you.

It's wonderful that you're exercising, do not stop! But, sometimes we actually gain weight when we first begin moving more. Notice I say "weight" not necessarily fat. (2 completely different things.)

Keep working out, find some structure to your food. You'll shed the extra pounds.
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I plan all meals ahead of time. I know in the morning what I am going to eat that day. It was because I didn't plan that i balooned up to 204 pounds.
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Did you weigh youself in the morning or right after a full day of eating? It is a BIG difference. I weigh about 2-4 pounds heavier in the evening because I drink a ton of water and obviously the weight of the food I had eaten.

Are you sore? You retain more water when your muscles are. you actually make lots of small tears when you do intense exercise. The fibers repair themselves and get larger in the process. This, requires lots of water. Stretching Helps.

Make sure you are eating plenty of fiber as well
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Wow, you got such excellent advice in the above posts. Every time I would try to diet on my own and do my own "watching what I eat," my scale wouldn't budge either. I have found the most success on WW. I've lost 30 pounds in three and a half months. I also keep a food journal. I don't attend meetings (which turned me off), and I don't do the online thing. I just got all the info I needed off various WW supportive websites from the internet. The patent is also available on the internet for free.

WW has been a snap up until now. Now that I have had to lessen the amount of points I am allowed, it actually feels like I am on a diet. I don't mind working for it though.

Have you tried walking, as far as exercise? I swear that is a big reason I was able to lose the weight. I started out at walking for 45 minutes, then I changed it to an hour, then I started jogging here and there during my walk. Now I jog for four miles four or five times a week. I feel so strong! I feel better than I have in about eight years.

If you were able to quit smoking, then I am under the assumption that you can do anything.
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I agree with the above posts I was "watching what I ate" and feeling frustrated for MONTHS before I really got neurotic about it and made a rule that NOTHING went into my mouth unless I was conscious about it and it was healthy for me and part of my daily plan...and it's still been a struggle for me.
I would definitely recommend joining a plan. I'm doing South Beach Diet and while it's hard at first, it's a very good way to change your eating habits for the better!

Good luck to you. Don't give up, something will click for you.
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I'm with Mamaspank, if you can quit smoking you obviously have the gumption to get it done. You got some great advice here, the only thing I could add is to find an online BMR calculator that will tell you how many calories you should be eating a day to maintain your weight then subtract 500 calories from your daily intake to create a deficit. this will work for a while, then after some loss you'll have to go and re-figure the numbers because a smaller person means different numbers.
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Thank you all so much for your support and ideas. Trying to lose this weight is a new idea to me. I think at least for me it is harder to do this than it was to quit smoking, which is odd I smoked for more than 30 years but have only had a weight problem for the past 14. I will try some of the ideas that you all gave to me. Thanks a bunch.
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ur getting healthier by the day....
smokings never easy to quit....
once the full effects of the smoking eating have gone....
let weight loss commence!....
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