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Default Nervous..

I'm seeing some friends which I havent seen in a whole year (please note that I was thin by then). I really don't want them to see me this way, I feel really nervous
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I understand. I felt exactly the same way when I went to visit an old friend a few years ago. But ya know... from the reverse perspective, people just want to see you. They like you. And you haven't changed. You're still the same person they like. Make sure you take the time to wear something nice that makes you feel good about yourself.
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I agree - I know that when I've seen old friends and they've gained weight/got a bald patch/whatever - sure, you notice it. But if they're your friend, that's not THE POINT. The important thing is seeing them again, and catching up, remembering why you like them and enjoy their company, getting to tell them all your news. Sharing stuff. Laughing.

Now if these people are shallow and ungenerous enough to be more interested in your weight gain than in YOU, then they're not very good friends. Heck with 'em!

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Originally Posted by broadabroad View Post

Now if these people are shallow and ungenerous enough to be more interested in your weight gain than in YOU, then they're not very good friends. Heck with 'em!

what she said!! if they are true friends they will be happy to see and wont care about the weight! they will still love you! have fun!!!

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Who knows? Maybe your friends have gained a little, too! You may end up being the voice of motivation and help THEM get healthy, as well! Wear red- for me it's like draping a mantle of self confidence over my shoulders!
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I can totally understand being nervous. That being said, everyone changes over time. Most people gain a little weight with age. And if it isn't weight, it's something.

I guarantee all of those people you're meeting are worrying a teensy bit too, about something you most likely won't even notice. That's just how people are...we worry about silly things like that, things that other people don't even take note of.
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I agree with the others. The friends you're seeing are probably just as nervous as you are. They're probably worrying about the things that have changed about them over time, so they probably aren't even thinking about how you've changed! Haha. If they're your friends, they might notice, but it won't matter because they didn't call you up to hang out because of how you looked... they called you up because they like you and want to be around you because of your personality. And if that's not the case, then they're not great friends after all...
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You really shouldn't worry to much. I once avoided an x like the plague that lived in the same neighborhood. Even though it had been yrs and I lived w/ someone I didn't want the x to see me that big. Of course small world that it is I ran into him in a club. I wanted to run and hide but I sucked it up and said hi. Well after talking the whole nite about whats been going on in our lives the only thing he noticed was that my boobs were smaller funny thing is they are more huge since I was 150pds heavier. I just laughed my head off. Sometimes we worry about people's view of us and we are the one's with the worst view. So go and have a great time most likely the only one worried about the weight gain is you. Let us know how everything went!!

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When I was really heavy, I spent a lot of time worrying about just how big I was. Kinda got in the way of living my life a little, ya know?

Try not to worry about it (easier said than done) and just have fun! You deserve it!
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I just went through this. Had my _0 year high school reunion. Even though I only weighed about 10 pounds more than I did for the last reunion (but 30 pounds more than in HS) I was seriously stressed about it. And ya know what? When I got there and met up with all of my incredible friends that body consiousness just disappeared. They've always loved me for who I am, and continue to do so. Anyone else that may have made snide remarks or looked at me negatively because of my weight gain really means nothing to me anyway.

No worries--have fun.
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