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I deserve to feel good!
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Default How Did You Do On Memorial Day?

Holiday's are tough for all of us. They usually involve large amounts of food and little time for exercise, so how did you do? Use this post to make your confessions or share your success, either way we're all here to support eachother through each and every holiday!

I personally do not have any success to share, I was not as good as I should have been. I had a fast food breakfast and then went a little overboard at a friend's barbeque eating a huge grilled italian sausage, potato salad, fruit salad, strawberry shortcake and drinking Coronas!
Oh well, you live and you learn from each mistake (or success for that matter).
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Token Rooster? ;)
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It was hard, since my friend from the Air Force just came into town, but I managed to stayed OP.

Friday night I shared a Korean BBQ entree with her, so the damage wasn't that bad (and I had a light breakfast & lunch)

Saturday I did the cooking for us at my place - salmon cakes, orzo pasta, brussel sprouts with a little pancetta and lemon sorbet with fresh strawberries for dessert ~ a tasty 600 calorie dinner.

Today for lunch we went to yet another barbecue place (good time for strength training, given all the protein I've eaten) but again, I watched my portions (nowadays, whenever I eat out I plan on eating only about half of what I am served for entrees -- that or I'll just eat a healthy appetizer as the meal) so I didn't go way off plan. I did indulge in a canoli later that day though, worth every bite/calorie. I'm also a bit more energetic than usual, so I threw in an extra 4-mile run on top my usual routine so I think that helps offsets it a bit.
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Just Yr Everyday Chick
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I did OK! I didn't meet my target calorie deficit, but I did manage a deficit every day. We ate at home, didn't go out at all--and therefore I didn't have to make decisions about what and how much at a restaurant.

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Slowly Shrinking
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I thought I could do ok and pull off a good weekend, and I did at first. I didn't lose or gain any weight Sunday or Monday, but now, on Tuesday I managed to gain 1.6 lbs. Yuck. Back to hardcore workouts this week!!! The worst part is I try to lose about 5 lbs a month and had reached goal at 179.8, now I'm back up to 181.4. Only 3 days to lose 1.4 lbs is a tall order for me, even though it look less time than that to put it back on!
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christine...i'm sure it is probably just from sodium. drink lots of water and i'm sure you'll flush it out.

I didn't do good at all. i lost 2 pounds but that's because i didn't eat. i had a terrible weekend. it's all okay now, but not then and i couldn't hardly eat a bite. i'm sure once i get to eating again this week, i'll put at least one pound back on. but at least i didn't overeat over the holiday. :-)
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I did... not so well. I couldn't go home over the weekend (college student) because I have to go home this upcoming weekend, and gas is too expensive to go too often. So I was stuck by myself and definitely went with the "comfort through consuming" strategy-- which we all know doesn't really work, but I did it anyway. Dang.
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Well my Memorial Day was a little less than typical... no bbqs or anything. However, for lunch I ate out at Cosi with my parents and instead of choosing what would have made sense (hummus & veggies sandwich) I couldn't resist the mozzarella & tomato combo. So alas, I went over my calories by about 250 and did not exercise, though I did walk around in very hot weather for about 2-3 hours and then go in the pool for an hour soooo.... overall it was not a successful day. BUT I did drink tons of water and this morning I am a lb lighter! hurrah!
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Memorial day was great. I went out of my diet though and had 5 marshmellows roasted over a fire, 5 hotdogs in one day (I know....Oh my gawwwwwwsh) and 6 beers (somebody shoot me) Shame on me.

But even with all that...I drank all my water and hiked about 10 miles this weekend and went swimming, so all in all, I think I'll survive
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Am I there yet?
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It didn't start out too bad. Hubby and I went to a festival and shared a roasted turkey leg and I had a few bites of his funnel cake. But the evening didn't end so well - 1 frozen totino's pizza, chips and dip, a few popsicles, uggghhhh. I was feeling it by the end of the night. Back on the wagon today!
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I just packed sandwiches and snacks and went to the beach. Easy.

It's my experience that if I wait until I lose enough weight to feel athletic, I won't have trouble sticking with my exercise plan. But in the meantime...
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My brother was grilling hot dogs. I'm not much of a hot dog person even on my worst days. So I just grabbed a pack of chicken to go with. My daughter and I fixed some rice, grilled veggies, and a pasta salad. I had a piece of chicken, a spoon of the pasta, some rice and veggies. Then my brother made homeade ice cream and I had a dish of that with fresh peaches on top.
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I did well. I stayed on plan all weekend. Yesterday, I did eat 1925 calories (less than the 2000 I'd intended). The two days before that, I stayed close to 1500 calories. (I just count calories and cycle 'em, that's all.)

It helped that my husband cooked four small pieces of barbecued chicken and lots of vegetables. He did some mashed potatoes, but I passed those up, and the dinner was yummy. I hope I find a rewarding number on the scale when I get weighed in a couple of days.
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I don't even TRY to be "good" on holidays! - & in that "not trying", I actually do pretty good.

On Saturday I had white-cheddar popcorn while lounging by the pool, but I also had a nice turkey/cheese & pickle sandwich (on 7-grain bread). I had two Coronas (with lime! ) and one Grape Smirnoff.

For dinner, I ate two pieces of fish & a very small portion of coleslaw.

Sunday was close to the same, as was Monday (except Monday, I did have a half serving of a M&M Blizzard....)

I find that if I don't STRESS about it, I don't go off diet too much, and it's way easier to get "back on track" when the holiday is over.
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It was a study weekend for me so I did really well

Friday was my birthday, I went out to dinner with DH. I ordered a steak with no butter and grilled veggies with no butter. I had a side salad with no dressing but topped with salsa. I removed the croutons from the salad. I didn't have any of the bread served to us. I ate all my salad, half my steak and a bite of my veggies. There was no dessert or what not. Then DH and I went on a walk.

For dinner on Saturday, I had the other half of my steak and my veggies. I exercised every day and stuck to my plan
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I think I did great! We were hosting a bbq on Sunday, so I planned ahead by starting the day with slimfast and had a light salad for lunch. Then at the bbq I let myself have a beer AND a margarita, a few bites of jalapeno artichoke dip, a little bruschetta, a chicken thigh, some salmon with mango salsa, a ton of grlled zucchini, mushrooms and asparagus. I felt like I pigged out, but when I added up my calories at the end of the day, I was right around 1375!! Even if I underestimated some, I think I still ate under my 1690 limit. And the following morning, the scale said I'd lost TWO POUNDS!! My official weigh-in is not until tonight, so we'll see. But I was very happy to not feel deprived at all and still stay OP.
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