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Default Motivation please help!!

I am in desperate need of some motivation to get going. Please help me. Any advice? What got you motivated to start? Please share stories! Thanks for listening.
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Hey jillpep,

I don't know what would motivate you--do you want to be able to go places more comfortably? Would you like to be able to run and play with kids? How about avoiding health problems? The last one is the most important to me--I would rather not keel over from heart disease or develop diabetes. Already my lower back is sooo much better--just from increasing my activity and from losing what I've lost. Same for other joints.

Have you looked through the Goals and Mini-Goals forums? There are some wonderful success stories there that might help you feel motivated.

If you want to, you can do it!

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I finally started to lose weight when I just got sick and tired of the way I was. I was very unhappy, and while there were many good reasons to lose weight, for me they essentially boiled down to, "I feel rotten about myself, I hate living like this, and I just don't want to feel that way anymore".

(actually the word I would is not "rotten", you can use your imagination!)

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Well for everyone there is a different answer and I don't think anyone can convince you to start. That really is something you have to dig for and discover for yourself.

For myself, I had just had enough. I really could not take it anymore. I was fat, miserable, unhappy, terribly, terribly inactive, terrified of all the added health risks I was setting myself up for. I was absolutely disgusted and fed up with the clothing situation and how I looked and how I felt. Basically just sick and tired of letting life pass me by. I was not being an active participant in life. I was not living the best life that I could, not even close and that was an absolute shame. I finally figured out that I didn't have to live that way. I just decided I didn't want to be fat anymore. I know that sounds so simple, but that is exactly what happened. It all finally "clicked" for me. If I didn't want to be fat, well, I didn't have to be. There is so much in life we don't have any control over what so ever. But our weight is certainly not one of them.

Good luck and Jay's right - you most certainly CAN do this. It is a very doable thing. Not always easy, but very, very, VERY worth it. I wouldn't go back to fat, morbidly obese me for anything in the world. I don't have to - it's up to me. The rewards far outweigh any so called sacrifices by miles and miles and miles.
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Default Thanks

Thanks for advice! It's almost like I know what I have to do it just is nice to hear about it from other people. I think my problem is sometimes I live in this fairy tale land. By fairy tale land I mean I don't do anything with the public (besides work) I just stay to myself and eat whatever I want because no one is around.When I am at home I feel safe and I haven't hit my rock bottom, but when I am out in public doing something I always feel like crap and I want to change, but then I go home again and feel safe and decide not to. This may sound confusing... Sorry. Thanks for the help!!!
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Default Want a check in partner?

Hi ya! We all need help in lots of areas to make big changes. I feel like a check in support is the best chance at making big changes, one little change at a time. Do you want to become "check in" partners, for setting one small goal per week and checking in daily, quickly, to report on how it's going??? we might conquer big deals one baby step at a time!

talk soon,
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Jill - I'm one pound away from your goal weight and I can tell you it feels fantastic.

Get the foods that trigger overeating out of your house and only bring home healthy foods.

Start walking.

Plan outings for yourself.
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