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Unhappy Having trouble getting motivated to exercise...

Hi everyone,

I have been dieting for almost 3 months now, I have lost 24 lbs. And I am really feeling good about that. Even with a 3 week long plateau, I still lost that much. My calories have been pretty much on target and I am feeling pretty good about that as well. My problem is, I cannot get myself motivated to exercise. For the last few weeks, I haven't been taking half as many walks as I was in the beginning. I am getting burnt out on walking around my neighborhood every day every day, by myself every day... I still work a very active job, and I get plenty of exercise there (I wait tables in a very high paced restaurant - sometimes I feel like a ping pong ball going back and forth, back and forth) Anyway, my problem is with extra exercise. I just cannot seem to get my lazy butt in gear, get up off the couch and go for a walk... I though about joining a gym with my friend, but I am afraid I will pay to join, and find every reason in the world not to go, that would be a waste of money...

Do you think a gym would help motivate me? The one I was looking to join has a indoor pool and an outdoor pool, a nice weight room and exercise room, and a variety of different classes to join into... I don't know about a sauna or whirlpool or whatnot, but I am interested. The upside is that it's affordable. The downside is that it's 20 miles away. What do you ladies think. Should I join?
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It's worth a shot, Heather! If you're bored by your exercise routine, you definitely need to find something new. I love the gym (well, love is probably an overstatement), and while I pretty much do the same stuff all the time, I do plan to start taking some classes (they're free at my Y) to help keep me accountable when my schedule gets busier later this year. Plus it's nice to be able to hit the pool once in a while.

This is probably just a sign of my warped psychology, but I find that paying for the gym keeps me going there. When there are free university gyms at my disposal, I tend not to go. When I'm paying, I feel as though I had better get my money's worth! And also, you should be able to cancel your membership if you find yourself not using it.

By the same token, I don't know if I could be trusted to go to the gym regularly if I had to drive 20 miles to get there! (I just noticed that part of your post.) Some other options: buy some weights to use at home; ditto with exercise dvds, take up cycling; take up a sport, or hiking. The important thing is that you exercise regularly and that you don't get bored! Since you're waiting tables and being fairly active, perhaps you should focus for a while on strength training?

Good luck!

p.s. I also work as a waitress. I used to work full-time in a high-paced place like you do. I definitely know the ping-pong feeling. Now I only work 2 nights a week and the pace is slow and the checks are high. Perfect I think waitressing burns tons of calories though--the trick is getting the calories burned to counteract all the snacking I do!
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First off, congratulations on the spectacular weightloss. 24lbs is AWESOME!!! The next thing I wanna say is that IMO both a healthy diet AND exercise is needed for LONGTERM success. First of all we are looking to lose FAT, not muscle. Commiting to exercise is a good way to ensure that we do just that. So as far as I am concerned, the COMMITMENT to exercise is far more important then motivation. I kind of look at it as something I just MUST do, like brushing my teeth and the dirty dishes. Things I definitely don't always feel like doing, but then again things I would NEVER think of passing up on.

It's important to mix up your routine so that you don't get too bored. That gym sounds lovely, really nice and like you just might enjoy it. 20 miles is a bit much, but only you will know if that's a deterrent for you or not. Perhaps there's one closer? Or perhaps you'll get so darn addicted to it, that the 20 miles won't matter. There are also tons and tons of fitness DVD's that you can do at home along with all of Baffleds great ideas.

I think it's real important to pencil some intentional exercise into your day,everyday in whatever capactiy that is. Just like you would scheduele a dentists appointment or a haircut. It's just that essential. Good luck.

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I'm going to suggest that you join an exercise accountability thread here at 3FC. It feels good to come on and post what you've done each day.
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I would love to join a gym b/c I know that would help me stay motivated..so i say go for it!!!
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I joined a gym because I thought it would motivate me. I've been a member since September and I've been... twice. So for me, it doesn't make a difference

Are there things that you would like to do but aren't necessarily in a gym? For example, swimming, rollerblading, bellydancing, other dancing lessons, etc? I'm not trying to sound like I'm discouraging you from the gym, but I am saying that, from MY personal experience, the gym gets about as boring as the same walk around the block...KWIM?

Anyway, just my two eurocents

(as for motivation: exercise just has to be something that I DO, like getting up in the morning, showering, getting dressed, brushing my teeth... I absolutely HAVE to do it, it's the ONLY way that I will ever make a habit of it, lose weight AND keep it off)
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Hey Heather!

20 miles is a long way, and sometimes you won't want to make that drive and it will put you off. My gym is over 10 miles away--probably 15--but I go there faithfully every day because I make the time to do it, and it is as much a part of my schedule as anything else, including work. I feel it's that important.

Maybe you ought to get a short-term membership to start with--3 months, say--and see how that goes. It will cost a little more, but memberships are often not refundable. So if you signed up for a year and then didn't go, it would be more costly than the short-term experiment.

Or, as others have pointed out, there are alternatives like exercise videos you can do at home, etc. Another idea would be to take different walks--drive to another location for your walk--just so you are in a different neighborhood.

Good luck! Just make that first step and keep going.

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On my way to 160!
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Hi Heather!

Congrats on your weight loss!

I'm thinking that although walking is a GREAT exercise, you do it ALL DAY at your job. Maybe you just need something different as your ADDITIONAL exercise.

Do you like to be around people? My sons like the Y because there are always people there to lift with, to play racketball with, etc. Membership at the main Y allows them to go to any Y in the area as well as all the outdoor pools in the summer and trails anytime.

Do you MIND driving twenty miles to get to the gym? If you don't, I say "Go for it!", but if the drive is an issue, DVDs sound good that can be done in your own home as Robin mentioned. I LOVE the variety they offer, and because I am a crazy girl with an even crazier family schedule, I can exercise whenever I want! I sometimes am exercising at 4:00AM because I am awake and done sleeping and ready to roll! LOVE that I can pop in a DVD and exercise in the convenience of my own family room!

With the continual walking that you do in your fast-paced job, do you really NEED to do more exercise? A friend of mine who is a waitress hooked on a pedometer one day just to see how many steps she had taken that day. By noon she already had 10,000!

I exercise on my exercise ball in the evenings as I watch TV. I do pushups and crunches. I also use it to practice the moves from my "Core Secrets" DVD with Gunnar Peterson. I'm working specifically to tone my arms these days, so I do a lot with that "on the ball." It's FUN bouncing on it, too, and before I know it, an hour has passed. When exercise is fun, you will do it. It won't SEEM like a chore.

Find out what will work for YOU. Find out what will enrich YOUR LIFE. Then you will have your answer!

Good Luck!

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Hi Heather,

I agree with the above posters, you need to make time for it. As a person with a very active job (I dig holes and/or walk fields for a living) I can tell you that you should really not count that as exercise. That`s LIFE. Exercise is what you do on your own. Even the personal trainers here do exercise on their own, even though they spend all day working out with other people.

I second many of the suggestions - Dvd`s, jogging, going to the gym, etc.
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Congrats on the Negative 24!!!! THAT'S AWESOME!!!

As for the exercising thing - I am not sure how good of advice I can personally offer. I LOVE TO EXERCISE - that is, I love to MOVE. I enjoy things like riding my bike, hiking, walking on the beach or simply walking my dog. I was in the gym for a few years, and when I re-injured my shoulder, I could no longer lift weights. It disheartened me so much! - And I quit going... then I started eating erractically again... & before I knew it... POOF! - fat again!

Try to change your viewpoint of exercise. It's really not as HORRIBLE as it seems. If you're walking, go to a park or a ball field - change your route to keep it snappin'. Also I suggest investing in a good MP3 player or personal CD player - music is a big motivator - when you've got something really jam'n in your ears, it's hard to not make your body move to the beat!

I suggest joining a gym if that is your "thing". But ask yourself the important questions first:

1. The Social Aspect: Do you like to work out around others?
2. The Traveling Aspect: Will you actually take the time to GO to the gym?
3. The Money Aspect: Is paying however much per month worth it to you?

Gyms are really good for some people... for others... not so much. Gyms like the YMCA offer cool things like weight training (something I believe all women need!) treadmills/ellipitcals/stationery bikes, aerobic classes, yoga classes, swimming, etc - there's practically something for everyone - but I never used my gym for anything except weight lifting & treadmill.

Now I have my own treadmill at home. I like watching my favorite TV program while I exercise. We plan to get a BowFlex soon, so my husband can get back into weight lifting (my shoulder will not allow me to do it).

At any rate - exercise is important -like the energizer bunny! - it keeps your body going & going & going.....
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My advice is just do it. My goal is to exercise every day so that is what I do. I have a variety of workout DVDs as well as some exercise equipment at home. I also belong to a gym, 1 mile away but I don't go because it is much easier for me to get my daily exercise in if I do it at home.
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That 20 miles away gym is going to add probably an hour to your day just getting there and back.

I think in the long run you might be better off looking in another direction.
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Well, I like the idea of joining a gym, but the 20 or so miles (not sure exactly) is not my idea of a good idea. Even though it is pretty much a straight shot on the interstate, but still, I hate to drive. My friend is trying to talk me into it, but it's closer to where she lives than where I live. The gym sounds great, and if it would be closer, I would not hesitate. But the distance is a bummer... There are 2 Curves near me, one 2 or 3 minutes from my house, and one 2 minutes from my work. But, I don't want to join Curves becuase 1. it looks boring and 2. there is no pool. There is one really nice healthclub across town, but it is very, very expensive (it's where the wealthy people go). There are other clubs near here that look interesting, but they don't have pools, and I want a pool. There is a pool in the complex where I live, but I don't like swimming with all the neighborhood kids. I can't enjoy a good swim if I am too busy babysitting a bunch of rowdy kids... NOT!

Anyway, the only good one within my pricerange is in a neighboring town, 20 miles from home.... that sucks!

PS... The only Y in my city only offers child recreation services. No gym or health / fitness for adults. That really sucks!

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Huh. You've got a real dilemma there, cajungal.

Curves isn't boring--at least not at first. But if you are used to other gyms, it may not suit you. It's really good if you are new to exercise, though.

I don't know what to say--sounds like you can't find a place nearby that will meet all your needs. If you don't like to drive, then don't join a gym 20 miles away. Perhaps you'd be better off with workout stuff and videos at home!

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I'm a waitress too at a fast paced place. Working lunches Mon.- Thurs. and Sunday evening's. Family night, where we have a Magician that goes to the tables with children and helps entertain till the food arrives. Love it!

A valuable lesson I learned was all that walking I do at work was my set point. Meaning my body was used to that. Thats what I needed to do to stay the weight that I was. Anything beyond or over that walking is MORE. For now my more is.... instead of bending to retrieve things I am taking the opportunity to get some squats in. Or as I am waiting for my food in the window, I am doing calf raises, wall push up's, something anything to keep me moving instead of just standing there.

I also have a pool in my Complex and I found that the adorable lil rowdy munchkins are never ever in the pool at 5 am, or 6am or 7am! There are even days at 8 am (sleep in days). What a great way to start the day by swimming a few laps. Summer vacation will be begining soon but most parents even then, dont open the doors for their children and let them loose upon the neighbors till around 9 am. If those hours dont suit you how about when they are in school, or after dinner, or when its dark. A lovely night swim to release all the tensions of the day.

Use what you have at your disposal first before investing your hard earned tips into "Want To's".
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