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Default How old do you LOOK???

Here goes...

I get a little depressed because I know I look older than my age. I am 31. I was 330lbs but I have gotten down to 279. I am trying different things with my hair and etc... I know in the past, people probably easily mistook me for about 40. They would ask me if my younger sister, who is 8 years younger was my daughter...she looks younger so they still were asking if I had a TEENAGE daughter. Anywho, I am thinking I might have taken some age of with the 50 pounds and new hair do. I used to look real matronly and frumpy. I didnt really care how I looked. So, I have another 100lbs to go. I am hoping to get some more youth back!

Question: At your heavest (please state the pounds) how old do you think (or were told) you looked and now after weight loss do you see any change in that??

Any info would help. I need some encouragement! Thanks for all replies!
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I always have tended to look younger, but with the weight I did "look my age." Now that I have lost 30+ pounds, I do look younger again, I think--especially in my face. However, because I'm older than you are by many years, I do have some sagging. That's OK with me, because the great thing is that all this exercise along with the weight loss has made me I FEEL younger! I can do things I wasn't able to do for years.

Congratulations on your weight loss!

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At my heaviest I was about 266lbs. I'm now 208. I think I used to look well into my 50s (I'm now 46) but now everyone always comments on how young I look. Recently someone thought I was 38! Losing the weight that I have (although I obviously have a long way to go) has given me the confidence to go back to the blonde hair I used to have. I've also been able to buy more trendy clothes,( I was a uk 30 but now am 20...even an 18 in some shops) so that's helped.
I also believe fat is like a wee botox treatment! People comment on how young my face looks and what good skin I have. I think its all the fat that is filling it out where the wrinkles should be! I honestly worry that when I lose the rest of the weight I want to my face will really age when the fat disappears! Who wants to be thin but look like an old hag? lol.
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At over 250 pounds, I was in my 20's to 30's and looked like I was in my 40's. I'll be 42 next month, and since losing weight, people constantly think I'm my 22 yo daughter's sister. Had one lady comment that I couldn't be more than 25.
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I'm not sure how I look--I guess it depends on the day I find that peopl eI work with in the office tend to think I'm older than I am (I'm only 24), but that may just have to do with my professionalism and maturity. When I was 21 and working at a movie theater part time, I had a customer complaining to me about the violence in a R-rated movie, but she added offhandedly at the end that I "wouldn't know anything about that" since I wasn't old enough to watch them anyway!
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I have always looked younger than I am. When I lost my weight the first time, I always got "Wow you don't look that old!" when people looked at my license. Gained the weight back over a period of time and never heard that again. Now that I've lost some weight again, I am starting to get that again from waiters when I go out to eat and order a drink. Its funny because they don't bother carding my husband when he orders but then I do and they're all "Can I see your id...?" He is 28 and I'm pretty close to turning 27.
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At my heaviest several years ago I was 23 and 245lbs, and was told I looked25 ish. When I started my weight loss journey this time I was 231 at the start and was 26 yrs old. I guess I looked older because I wasn't getting asked for ID whenever we'd go out. Now, I've had a birthday and lost 30 lbs and I got asked for my ID when I was with my friend who was buying cigarettes. I was just standing there behind him and the clerk wouldn't sell to him unless I could prove I was old enough too, even though they were for him and we were both way old enough. So, I'm guessing I don't look old enough to smoke.
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At my heaviest, I was always told I looked younger than I am. I remember when I was 25 (360 lbs), I got carded for a lottery ticket. I would always get carded when I bought alcohol and such. Generally, people always guessed me a few years younger. Now that I've lost weight, I think I'm starting to look my age or older than my age. I don't know. I'm 31 and I think I look it.
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I don't think my "age" has changed any with weight gain or weight loss. Kinda sad to have to say that. But usually when people have to guess my age, they usually are right there in the age range. I am 34 and I guess i look it. But, i think i look younger as my face gets skinnier. so, i guess that's all that really matters anyways. :-)
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I am 40. Last year, at 259 lbs. everyone would guess my age at about 32 to 35. Now that I have lost 115 lbs. I look more my age and people guess my age at about 38 to 40.
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There's a women who goes to our church that I always assumed was about my age. She's lost loads of weight and when I see her now ... I'm pretty sure she's only in her mid 30's. Big difference for her and it's in her face.
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I've always been told I look younger then I am. I'm 43. When I was at my heaviest, 287lbs. almost 9 months ago, I don't even think then I looked my age. I definitely have a "baby face". But since I've lost the weight I think I look a few years younger. In the past 2 weeks, I've had 3 different acquaintances actually tell me that they thought I was one of my daughters upon first seeing me. Haha. They're 19, 17, &15. (Wonder which one they met). Actually it's my 17 year old. She resembles me a lot and people have always told me this, now they tell me she really, REALLY resembles me. That we're dead ringers for one another. The other day I also ran into someone and we got to discussing age and weightloss, she could not believe I was 43. But nowadays, what is 43 SUPPOSED to look like?

RoyalAthena congratulations on your weightloss. You must be so proud of yourself. Keep up the great work!!!
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Think I'm going the other way . . . always looked younger than I am . . . now as I lose weight, the wrinkles are showing up more and the double chin is turning into turkey wattles . . .
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At my heaviest weight of 234 lbs. I looked to be in my late 50's. I get comments all the time now, that I look Way younger. I had a man recently tell me that I don't look old enough to have a 14 yr. old DD. He was shocked when I said I also have a 21 yr. old son. He said "you must have started having babies very young, I think you are only in your 30's". HaHa, I'm 47 and a grandmother now. When I posted my pic's on here, many, many told me that I now look 10-20 yrs. younger. Oh boy, do I FEEL younger!
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I honestly can't say... People often mistake me for being 8-10 years younger than I am (a couple of deliverymen have even asked me "where is your mother? She ordered this" when I opened the door XD) but I'm not sure if at this stage, the weight really mattered. I got such remarks at 75-76 kgs as well as now (65ish) so it may just be that I look younger. Not that it's so exceptional at my age. Now, if this goes on when I'm 40, I think this will be something to talk about.

Maybe it depends on the type of faces, too. I've seen people who looked older than their age at their heaviest weights, and others who looked younger (because of a rounder face?).

You know what, does this *ever* have an end? Once we're all at goal, we will *still* be bothered by that age stuff. Being a woman is definitely hard!
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