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Default Water weight

How much water weight does a person usually carry on them at the end of the day? What is the highest that is could be?

And it just doesn't go for water weight...but all the extra weight you carry (like the food in your stomach) and so forth.
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I can easily be 4-5 pounds heavier at the end of the day compared to the start, which is why I'm trying to get out of the habit of weighing myself obsessively! Water retention at time of the month can add a good 4 pounds too.
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I've been as much as 8 lbs heavier not just end of day but day to day--tom or after an extreme workout
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It seems to vary a lot from person to person, but remember that a LOT of your weight IS water weight (over half of your weight includes water). There's water in our muscles and all throughout our bodies.
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This question got me thinkin' that I'd forgotten how much water we are. According to a couple of sites I found, we're made up of about 65% water.
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Here we go again...
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My end-of-day weight varies from +3 to +5 if I've eaten within my caloric range. If I've overeaten (hehe), it's up by +7/+8 lbs.
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My weight varies 2 to 4 pounds sometimes. Who cares if it's water weight, food eaten, lack of regularity or a new limb I've magically grown overnight! The point is the change over time. Weighing once a week or less is the best way to see that.

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From my body-fat measuring scale (which also measures water weight) - I can be anywhere from 58 - 64%
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Sometimes I will weigh myself before and after a workout, and the difference will be about 5-6 pounds every time, just based on the water I was drinking while running.
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