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Default Planning for Thursday, March 1

wow, i cant believe it is march already!

yesterday did not go according to plan AT ALL, We ended up going out of town to look at a new car and eating at ponderosa(anyone who dosent know what that is its like a steakhouse with an all you can eat "salad" bar full of yummy fatty pasta salads and all sorts of other yummy things, anyways, after i left there i figured if i didnt eat anything for the rest of the day except vegetables and maybe a few pieces of lean meat, i would be ok. Well after we got home DH decided to make some wonderful egg rolls, and since my willpower was down from earlier, i caved and ate like 5 of them, i put everything i ate into fitday and it came out at like 2700 calories for the day. omg. so anyways i have to be really really really good and stick exactly to plan for the rest of the week if i want to see the scale at least stay the same
anyways onto today

B-2 slices body wise toast w/ 1 egg , 1 slice ff cheese and 1 tsp mustard......i know eggs and mustard, weird, but i LOVE it
S-Cheese string
L-can of chicken noodle soup and maybe a cucumber sandwich w/ a little light mayo
S-2 mini bagels w/ 1 tbsp cream cheese
D-Making a pizza for the fam, but will make my own on pita bread so i can have enough to fill me up without all the cals of the regular crust and probably have a caesar salad made with all the light stuff
S- popcorn or a bit of the no sugar added ice cream
Exercize-walk with the baby
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Cupcake - I'm with you. Yesterday did not go towards my advantage. It was my Dad's birthday, and we had homemade Stroganoff and banana cream pie. I don't even want to know how many calories I ate.

B: Nonfat Au Lait, English Muffin w/ .5tbsp butter, banana
S: String Cheese
L: Huge salad again (romaine, egg, tuna, cheese, broccoli, carrots, olives, mushrooms, tomatoes)
S: Edamame, string cheese
D: Red Curry rubbed chicken with light Caesar salad

E: 30hr power yoga
W: 4L
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Ok I got on the scale today and was very shocked!!! I am not backing up my tracker any more!!

Todays Plan
B- All bran, fruit, Milk
s-snack bar
L-lean pocket
s-tuna, wheat thins
D-boiled shrimps sweet potatoes

Lots of water and a good 30min walk!!!
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Sorry to hear about the bad days

B- mini begal with small amount of smoked salmon cream cheese, slice of turkey deli breast and two slices of tomato; 3oz scrambled egg whites; 1/2 cup skim milk with 1tsp chocolate syrup
S- coffee or tea and two mini oranges
S- tea and cookies >>> donating blood
L- 1/2 corn, 2 sticks of celery, .25 green pepper and 5oz shrimp and mixed up with some light butter; cheese string
S- .25 green pepper and sliced cucumber; 6 rice crackers and some hummus (might have the cheese here instead)
D- going for sushi with some friends... hope I can keep it under control!
W- 4-5L
E- did 75min already
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