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Default Feeling bummed

This has been a stressful week for me. The most stressful of it all has been getting on the scales and realizing that I did not hit my target for today. I'm the same weight I was last Saturday.

I feel so gawd darn awful. I know it's not a plateau and I didn't hit the gym as often as I should've but still not losing ANY weight is a killer... I ran into my SIL (whom I haven't seen since Christmas) and asked her if she noticed anything different. She looked me up and down and said "Ummmmm... no... am I supposed to see anything different?!"

Anyone else didn't lose weight this week?
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I've been wavering around 185 for the past two or three weeks. I'm really upset/angry/depressed about it, if I let myself think on it. *sigh*
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Awww.. Nikaia. Is school stressing you out? That's the biggest stress in my life right now, plus this rain. I can't even walk around the block if I didn't hit the gym... this rain is KILLING me.

How are you doing - school wise and weather wise - down at SC?
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You can't control the scale. You can do everything "right" and not lose weight. There will probably be many weeks you don't lose any weight on the scale. Tying your happiness/motivation to the scale can make you miserable - I know from personal experience. Make your goals what YOU can control. Trying a new healthy recipe every week, packing your lunch everyday, going to bed on time, getting 5 servings of vegetables a day - you can accomplish those goals and feel good about yourself every week!
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Sometimes there is nothing we can do except keep on going on plan. The scale just gets stuck for awhile.

Sometimes a person deviates "just a little" from the plan and hopes it won't make any difference. But, sad to say, weight loss can stall if cals go up or exercise goes down--or both. I've learned this the hard way.

Been on 174 now for 10 days (as of 2/11). I'm about to drop again, I think, but only because I tightened up the reins...

It takes about 15 pounds of loss before people start to notice--in my case, anyway.

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dhavya, do not be so hard on yourself,relax , if you are eating properly and exercising you will lose, but not always at the rate that we think we should. Our bodies all react in there own mysterious way. Try not to put expectations on what and when or how you will lose. And do not ask others how you look, they generally will dissapoint you. Keep quiet and go on watching your diet and some day some will say "wow, you look great"Good luck and be kind to yourself.
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Hi dhyva, hang in there! I agree with bargoo, just keep on going and you will lose. I don't know how far along you are in you plan (maybe just started as you mention no plateu yet and i see your goal chart) but a number of things can affect the scale. May I suggest, if your not already doing so, keeping a journal of your eating and drinking. This way at the end of the week you can look at it and for some reason there is no loss (after a few months I have plenty of 0 loss weeks but if you keep going it starts inching down again) you can see maybe what may have affected it or maybe what you want to change for the next week.
The scale can be very discouraging, keep going, it will go down. A woman's monthly cycle, sodium, carbs the night before, etc. can all really affect the scale. Before, whenever I ate pasta ( I ate a lot of it too) I would see a 2 lb. gain the next day!!!! carbs of that sort retain water. Also my cycle or too much sodium would m ake a real big difference too! My weight flucuates a lot and so that is why I am only weighing in 1x a week. I would go nuts before! Hang in there, see if there is anything maybe you want to change or alter this week and keep going! I bet you have a loss next week! Also keep in mind although you did not have a loss you also did not have a gain! Your exercising and watching what you eat so you really have made progress and that in and of itself is great! keep up the good work and don't let that beast (my nickname for the scale) discourage you.
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Don't get discouraged. And don't expect people to notice changes until you've lost at least 15 pounds. I know I didn't acknowledge that I had lost anything until I had lost 18 pounds. 18 is a weird number, I know, but at 18 pounds I knew I was below my standard adult weight by 10 pounds and I knew someone would notice it by then!!! One week is not a plateau (believe me, I've had several months-long plateaus). Keep at it and you'll see changes very soon.
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dhvaya, don't give up. You will get the weight off. I have not lost at the rate I expected to. I would have a good weight loss week, then gain a little over a pound, then maybe stay at the same weight for a week or so and lose over 3 lbs. the following week. Our bodies are funny that way, but I have lost now more than 40 lbs. by sticking to it and when I go off my plan I pick myself back up and start again. It is a constant battle but it does get easier. Hang in there.

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