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For body shaping, weight training is probably the answer.

I really question that information about extra skin. 10% body fat is pretty low, especially for women.

Sometimes it takes a long time for the scale to move if one is at one of those points. I couldn't get below 180 for weeks.

Good luck, KTna!

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Thanks Meg! Good to know I'm not the only one. I got to my original goal and almost feel like, what was the point?!?! I know, I know - there was a point, but come on, I worked HARD to get here - I should be rewarded at least a little, right???

Thanks for the thread on the skin issue. I have been thinking of surgery, but I'm very nervous about the results, plus the cost is very high - and since I didn't have WLS - no help from insurance. Do I bother trying to DIY it at this point? I know I have fat left to lose, but I dont know my percentage - I was told I have too much skin to have an accurate test. How do you test body fat accurately? I have a body fat scale at home but the numbers are all over the place!

Any advice for a beginner in strength training? I bought a HRM last week and I've used it twice - I was thinking of getting my heart above 140 for 30 minutes 3 times per week, and starting slow with the strength training, maybe 20 minutes twice a week for the first month.
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That skin issue really is a sucker punch, isn't it? Something that we never anticipated when we started and had visions of bikinis floating through our heads? Believe me, I really feel your pain.

As for bodyfat, did you try having someone caliper you? I had a ton of skin but was still able to get my body fat done that way. But I'm sure a lot depends on the skill and experience of the person doing it. Otherwise, I think you're stuck with bioelectrical impedance devices, like Tanita scales and the Omron hand-held. They read high on me but at least you can track trends over time. But only use it at the same time every day and under the same circumstances because the results will vary wildly depending on your degree of hydration.

HR monitors are great! I tend to get lazy with my cardio unless I can see where my heart rate is and know I need to kick it up. As for weights, I'd suggest three full body workouts a week (like M-W-F or T-Th-Sa), doing 1 - 2 sets of an exercise for each muscle group. There are some stickies in the Ladies Who Lift forum with ideas for beginners. Also check out http://www.stumptuous.com/cms/index.php - the best site on the Internet for women's weight training.

Mel - the moderator at the LWL forum - can personally attest to the power of weights to reshape your body. She dropped two pants sizes without losing a pound once she started seriously lifting.
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I have to second the whole extra skin thing...some people can lose a lot of weight and it springs back, but others...the extra skin is there, and you just deal with it, or get it surgically removed. No matter how thin I will get, or how much I lift-I will still have extra skin.
There are some places where it can be surgically removed and you can't see the scars in your regular clothes-such as a tummy tuck or a breast lift-but there are others where your choice is to have it removed and have a scar that is visible to others...or just leave the extra skin.
Upper arms, for instance. I won't wear tank tops with the extra skin, or with a scar running under my arm from the pit to the elbow...so why even bother?

I would love to have a tummy tuck for the extra skin on my lower belly...but I am scared to death to, because I am afraid of it impairing my belly dancing. I am afraid I wouldn't be able to do backbends (skin too taut) or have the muscle control to do belly rolls, etc. afterwards.
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If you've only done aerobics for your weightloss, and you're practically eating nothing (to me 1300 calories is very little, esp for your age), it seems the only answer is weight training. Obviously height is a big factor, but I think muscle tone is just as important. I may be short, but I've been lifting for 13 years so I'm in a size 10 at 149 and there is nothing jiggling. Calorie restriction and age cause the loss of muscle mass, so unless you're super lean, you're probably going to be rather flabby without strength training.

A big reason you want to gain lots of muscle is that you can eat A LOT and still maintain your weight. And when you get older, you will still look toned and sexy, yet still be able to eat a fair amount without gaining. I'm 38 and aside from the weight I gained when I was pregnant last year, I was looking the same as I did in my early 20's prior to that. And I was able to eat a lot and maintain 128 lbs (probably average of 2100 or more a day as a guess).

Once you get started and build up for a while, you will not only see all the benefits, but you wont have to work out as often to maintain your muscle tone. After my first year or so of training, I've always done about 40 minutes of 2 sets for each exercise 2 times per week. My routine has always been some variation of: DAY 1: 2 chest exercises, 2 shoulder exercises, triceps, 2 lower body exercises; DAY 2: 2 back exercises, 2 shoulder, biceps, 2 lower body. I wasn't even doing cardio for several years (which I dont recommend) and was able to maintain.
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Sounds like there is hope yet.

The weight set is shipping as I type, I have a room in my house I am converting into an exercise room - bike, elliptical, weight bench, step - anything I can find around the house (I have aquired many such gadgets over the years ).

I plan on starting slow. In the past when I started strength training I overdid the first few days and lost momentum.
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When starting weights, start with exercises that do BIG muscles or multiple muscles. This will get you the most bang for your buck. I only have time for a compact set of lifts so most days I do 3 legs, 3 push, & 3 pull. I make sure at least one of each type is a multimuscle exercise (like pullups)

Little single muscle workouts are good too, but if your time is short go with multi muscles
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2 wheels is plenty :D
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Toning does wonders - I have hardly lost any weight in the last 1 1/2 yrs....but I've lost 2 pants sizes and went from a large to a medium on the top. It was 90% weight training. My routine looks pretty much like Mami's - 2 days weight training but with 6 days cardio. I am much happier now that I was when I first lost the weight. I'm not completely there yet...dunno if I ever will be...but I'm closer than ever.

I should add I'm still logging what I'm eating and calorie counting.
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