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Default Try and Try Again

Hi everyone,

I am back once again I have been on and off this web site for the past 2 years letting anything and everything get in my way of my weight loss goals, but enough is enough my kids are older now and I most but myself first. I have to break this cycle I know I have gain and lost the 45lbs I want to lose almost twice, and that is crazy and embarrassing.

I do so much better when I am on this site. I have a problem focusing and staying on track, so I need that motivation and guidance everyday. I know I can do this I want to do this.

I really need some tip on staying motivated and stop the emotional binges I battle everyday been in law enforcement makes my life very stressful I want to eat even when I am not hungry just to sooth my nerves.
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Hey there Sweettay, nice to have you back! Yes, you can do this, you can, you can! If you can handle a job in law enforcement, then you have some really good coping skills you can put to use. Of course you have to un-learn using food to cope. There are other ways to deal with stress. Some are: (1) get enough exercise. Even a half-hour walk can really help reduce your stress. (2) Always have some healthy snack foods around so that you have a choice of what to eat. You know, like those baby carrots. Nice to crunch on them plus they are not high in calories. And there are many other alternatives. (3) Don't let yourself get too hungry. For example, don't skip breakfast or other meals. (4) Try using a tracker to list what foods you eat so you've got some kind of knowledge about how much you're eating.

I'm sure lots of other Chicks here will have good suggestions!

See ya!
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Hello Sweettay,

Welcome back! I've been aware of this site too for sometime now (about 7 or 8 years!!!) but just recently came on board as far as posting.

I know exactly where you're coming from when it comes to emotional binge eating. As for motivation, you are so right about staying in touch with 3FC! It is a great motivator to see all of the success stories and to know that others are in your same shoes.

What's working for me this time is really getting serious about my health. I decided that I didn't want to play Russian roulette anymore. Poor health certainly isn't worth waiting around for. There's so much life to live and why would I want to contribute to shortening it? So that's been a huge incentive for me.

What food plan are you following? What kind of healthy snacks will you be preparing for yourself? Are you drinking your water? I like Bob Greene's idea of giving up five foods. What five that are currently in your diet can you "just say no" to?

Jump in, we CAN do this!

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Hi and back!! This is a great place to be

I have to break this cycle I know I have gain and lost the 45lbs I want to lose almost twice, and that is crazy and embarrassing.
I know it is so hard, if it is of any comfort, many of us have shared your experience and can understand... Lots of people lose and gain the same weight, so much so that I wonder if the people in front of whom you feel embarrassed may care much less about your weight loss/gain than you do... take it easy on yourself, you deserve your own understanding and compassion

How did you lose the weight and then gain it back? That may be a place to start..

It's great to have you here again, post often and stick with us - it's hard to lose motivation when you visit this site
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Thin taste better
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Thanks everyone for all of your encouraging words and advice I am on a motivational high right now from the support you are giving me. I am proud to say I went to the store and bought fruit and vegetable for snacks it is the first step of many many more.

My friends and family just dont understand what I am going through because most of them are normal weight and have always been they dont know what it is like to be over weight and have to struggle everyday to lose. I have a yearly exam every for my job and my blood pressure ,cholestoral and heart are fine so everyones like whats the big deal. I may be fine today but with this extra weight I am carrying around will catch up with me.

My job preach fitness and health issues but at the same time someone on a daily basis is bring in homemade baked goods and sending out for breakfast and lunch temptation is lurking around every corner I have to find to deal with this particular situation.
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Hi Sweettay!


I KNOW what you mean about the emotional eating and the stress! FOR YEARS I let food be my de-stressor, and I got 100 extra pounds added to my frame to show how poorly food did to actually help me!

My suggestion to you is write yourself a letter RIGHT NOW! Tell yourself in the letter how you are feeling. Promise yourself that you will do wonderful things for yourself because YOU ARE WORTH IT!

Here are some bonuses you will get from weight loss:
1) Cuter clothes in smaller sizes
2) More energy
3) A healthier body
4) Pride in yourself
5) More confidence
6) Look younger

Be sure to add in your letter WHY this time you are going to lose the weight AND NEVER FIND IT AGAIN! That will be the most important part of the whole thing.

It sounds like you are mad enough to DO THIS THING! Getting fed up is a good thing! It gives you the power to really get going!

We are all here right with you on this, Sweettay!

You go, Girl!

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Is there anything else that can calm your nerves besides food? Try taking up yoga, or finding a craft that you enjoy doing so that when you come home, you can relax using an outlet that's not food.

Make sure to keep plenty of healthy snacks around at work so that you can resist the temptation of the unhealthy sweets that everyone brings in.

Good luck, and we'll all be here for you!
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