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Red face The scale is my kryptonite!

I have a love-hate relationship with my scale. I love seeing the numbers go down (ok, it doesn't seem to happen too often but still....) but I absolutely HATE seeing the numbers go up when there is no obvious explanation! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRr

I often find myself standing in front of the scale wanting to weigh myself but terrified to do so, because if the number is not one I like, I get discouraged. But there is always that little flame of hope that maybe... just maybe today will be the day when the scale will regognize my hard work?

Will it be today? I'm afraid to check!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Hi there,

I have been away from the site for a while and have gotten off track but I am back and totatlly understand the relationship you are having with the scale but for me it was getting to stressfull. I was constantly weighting myself everytime I ate even at work atleast 6 times aday. If my weight went up I had a very bad day and over ate, causing me to lose the focus on what really mattered getting healthy and making the right food choices.

you cant really focus to hard on what the scale says because so many factors affected your weight day by day one day you can be 3lbs down and the very next day you can be 3lbs up and you know you havent gained 3lbs in one day when you are exercising and eating all the right foods, so this time I am going to monitor my weight by the way my clothes fit and my measurements

I had my kids hide the scale and only to bring it out once a month because it was really hindering my progress.
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I am absolutely sure that in the past it has hindered my progress. So this time i'm really trying not to pay too much attention to it... but to use it as one of the many tools that i can use to monitor my weight loss....That's the plan at least!
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My first scale was digital and I bought by price not quality and I would step on see a number, and it regularly went down...Then one day I stepped back on and it was up 5 lbs...next day I had lost 5, day after I had gained 3..it was never accurate and I was always emotionally tied to whatever number happened to come up.

Finally I threw the darn thing out, bought a decent scale and only weigh myself twice a month. When I have good days I have to force myself not to get on so the scale can validate how I am feeling....same on bad days.

I also found other ways to measure progress. How many days have I stayed on program, how many miles or minutes I've walked. In between weigh it is nice to see the miles/ mins go up.
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I agree that's a much better way to go. I've also found that since i'm using fitday, I'm more careful before i eat something like cookies..... 1/2 on the treadmill for a cookie doesn't seem like a very good deal anymore....
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Hi all,

I know the feeling about the scale. We were having a discussion about that this week at our Weight Watchers meeting. Some people like me, weigh theirselves everyday, some several times a day and others only once a week, or once a month even.

But somehow I feel like I need to see how I have done, to see if the pay off is there. But many times the scale will jump up and I felt I didn't deserve that as I had followed my program and did what I was soppose to do.

I know it is not good to rely on the scale, but instead I should weigh myself less often and how my clothes fit should tell me. I may try to weigh less often, and try for the once a week, but I tell you it's like a fix to get that payoff-but it doesn't always work that way.

Sassy Sharon
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I weigh myself every morning when I first get up - before coffee! My Curves trainer weighs me once a week on Mondays so I have someone to own up to weekly, and then of course every month for the record. I know that if I weigh myself every day that sometimes that scale is going to be up - maybe from something I ate that retains fluid ... or from something that just was a lot of calories! but I don't let it bother me cuz I know there is going to be ups and downs weighing daily. When it is up tho it seems to make me more determined to stay OP that day.

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I too have the love hate relationship with the scale. I am not part of any organized weight loss group so I decided that I would weigh in once a week. Last week was not good and I have had to resist the urge to weigh myself every day since. I paid fairly good money for my scales several years ago. And I am a creature of habit. I will only weigh myself on one spot in the house. Thats the spot I always weighed myself, I figure thats what the scale is accustomed to. I know it may be corny but it makes me feel good.

I hate the scale but love it too and I guess I will continue to do so as long as I am not happy with how I look and feel.
Hang in there.....perhaps we will all find a happy place to be with the scales.

[url=http://www.3fatchicks.com/weight-tracker/] [/url
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