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Default dunno if this is the right place..

I don't know if this is the right place to post this, but I feel like I can't share this stuff with people who are in my life. Mostly because it makes no sense to me!

I am feeling SO tired, have been sleeping like 10-12 hours a night, I've also not felt like doing much either. The weird part is that I'm SO bored and WANT to do stuff, but don't at the same time. It confuses me. I also feel SO sad about everything, my weight, my life... and at the same time I am feeling pretty motivated to work on my weight and other things in my life. Ugh!! I seriously don't get myself.

I don't know what I need, or why I'm really posting all of this... I guess I just need to get it out before I drive myself crazy with trying to hide it from everyone. Thanks for listening..

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Could it be depression? A lot of people go through some brain chem. changes around this season.

My own depression/anxiety combo came along with insomnia, but sleeping a lot can be another sign. Same goes the state of sadness and ... apathy(? for lack of a better word) that you seem to be feeling about life in general.

Give your doctor a call. Even if it isn't depression, it doesn't sound right, and a check up couldn't hurt! Good luck!
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I second the idea that you might want a depression evaluation. You have several of the symptoms. Sometimes depression is just a chemical change in your brain chemistry that can be treated.
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Sounds like depression to me. Google "depression quiz" and take a few.
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I'd have to agree with depression. Maybe seasonally induced. Those are the symptoms I encounter when mine is starting to flare. Check with your dr. and take good care of yourself.
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Hi Aimee!

This place is a GREAT place to post what you posted, and I'm glad that you did! I have watched so much good happen when people connect with people to solve one another's problems, and much that I have seen lately has been right here on this site!

As others have said, depression seems to hit at this time of the year. Sunlight hours are less than in the rest of the year, so many experience "SADD", the syndrome caused by not having the light needed to keep a person happy and positive. A friend of mine ordered those special lamps for her home that provide sunlight-type light. She swears by them and has used them for years!

I think that after all the excitement of Christmas there tends to be a letdown time, too. That may be playing a part in your mood as well.

I also think that there is a tendency to want to curl up in a nice soft afghan in front of the fire and sip a nice warm cup of tea once the weather gets cold and snowy. Many animals hibernate; why should we human animals be all that different?!!!

You may also have some health issues. Maybe you are coming down with a cold or the flu. Maybe you have mono. Diabetes makes a person very tired and can also cause a person to want to sleep a lot out of feeling depressed about the condition and because the cells are taxed by the excess sugar in them. My husband sleeps A LOT more hours than I do, and the excess sleeping was one of his first symptoms besides his excess thirst and urination.

As a mom, I have to say that maybe you just need to listen to your body. Maybe you just NEED more sleep right now! Since you WANT to do things but just don't feel up to it, I'm thinking that you have an upcoming cold, the flu, your period, or mono. I'm no doc, but I DO have a total of 25+18 "Mother Years" of experience with my two sons! Give you body the rest it is asking for, drink plenty of fluids, and be sure to take your vitamins. Let us know how things go!

Take care!

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This is beside the point, but every time I see your picture I think what a pretty girl you are. Could be depression or you could just be stuck in a little rut. Maybe your social life is a bit off right now? You need some friends who'll actually get you out the door? We all sometimes need this, and we get a bit lazy to do things in the winter because its so cold and dark all the time. In the winter I stay home most weekends and just go on the computer, play with the baby and of course the dreaded cleaning, but in the spring and summer we're out the door by 11am, with DH rushing me (grrrrrrrrr)! Definitely get this checked out..hard to tell if its just a rut that a lot of us get into, or something more serious. Hope you feel better soon.
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i was diagnosed with depression and it sounds alot like what i go through. I am on medication for it but it still gets pretty bad around this time of year. My birthday was on monday and i spent most of it crying.
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Thanks for all the replies! I thought about SADD and did a little reading on it last night.. I'm thinking thats what it is. That plus the added thing that christmas is over, it was a HUGE christmas for us, we had to start getting ready in Sept!!

I'm not ready to see a doctor just yet, I'm still going out, we have been renting lots of movies, gone out spending our gift certificates, I even went out swimming with a friend the other night. So it's not been unmanagable.

Mami- altho beside the point, it's nice to hear compliments!

Thanks again everyone..

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Aww Aimee

I know exactly what you mean. I think I have the same thing. It's like I know in my heart that I'll feel better once I start doing all of those things...but just can't quite get over that hump.

I'd go to my doctor and get evaluated for depression, if I didn't think he'd just offer me pills. I really don't want to go that route.

I think the SADD thing is also a real possibility too, I mean..we have the same weather, you and I, and you KNOW how tough it has been this winter. 13 MAJOR (recordbreaking) storms since November, the darkest, scariest, windiest, rainiest, crappiest winter EVER!

I think we're entitiled to feel a little s****y.

I feel your pain, Sistah....and I can't WAIT for spring to come alive!

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