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Default Good Things in 2006

I noticed this time of year tends to be a time of regret, or guilt about what didn't happen during the year...or what did happen over the holidays. I was thinking it might better to focus on the good things that did happen....

So feel free to jump in....

I found 3FC

I went from walking 1 mile and feeling like I couldn't move to walking 5 miles and looking forward to excercise.

I discovered an eating plan that works for me and I can stick too.

I lost 3 lbs. not much, but its the first time ever I have gotten on a scale and it was down instead of up.

I feel better about myself and my body feels better as well.

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Is too long. I sum up.
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I found 3FC, too!

I bought a treadmill and it's been a godsend.

I've lost over 10 pounds.

I made it through yet another year without strangling anyone.

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I discovered 3FC

I discovered superfoods and whole foods

I discovered how wonderful Trader Joe's is!

I lost 30 pounds

I look forward to losing the last 10 using all of the above plus my new exercise routine (went from walking 5 miles per day early last year to 30 minutes on my Nordic track daily and doing ab work and dumbbell work)
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i found 3fc
i lost 10lbs
i can drink 2 liters of water a day(before i didnt drink water but pop)
2007 is gonna be GOOD!!!!!!!!!!
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Eating for two!
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For the summer of 2006, I didn't have to buy all new summer clothes as I used to because the ones from the previous year were too tight. I'm hoping that for the summer of 2007, I WILL have to buy new summer clothes, but for a new reason: because the ones from last summer will be too BIG
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I lost 1/2 a pound over the holidays. LOL

And I'm with Julie -- I haven't strangled anyone this year.
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I haven't even MAIMED anyone (far as I know).

I discovered weight training!!! It's made a big difference in my life!

I continued my weight loss journey, losing another 55 pounds!
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Wyllenn, 55 lbs.! You should be proud

I jumped back on the wagon in October and I have lost 6lbs. since. I know thats not alot but I'm working on it. Gonna start excersising at the first of the year (thats a big step for me; I hate to excersise).

I'm proud I started on my "new life journey" this year and plan to kick it up a notch in 2007.
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3 + years maintaining
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I changed my life on September 4, 2006 - a day I will never, ever forget. And I day I will celebrate every year as some kind of rebirth. I totally and completely changed my lifestyle. I went from eating everything and anything and being almost completely sedentary to eating healthy foods in normal sized portions and I added exercise and movement to my life. And because of it I lost the first chunk of weight that I have ever, ever lost in my 43 years on this earth - 70 lbs.

And of course I discovered 3FC, which is part of my lifestyle change as well.

I too haven't strangled or maimed anyone - as of yet anyway - still have a couple of days left.

Here's to the year 2007 . May it be bigger and brighter and more successful to us all!
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Thumbs up

great thread!

Looking back, so many good things happened.

- 2006 was basically the year in which I lost over 40 lbs.
- I went on my first roadtrip...and wore a mini and a bikini for the first time
- I worked through so many issues w/my bf and every day still gets better, going into our second anniversary
- I got to see my three youngest sisters so many times, after being seperated for more than 3 years.
- Started a savings account w/my bf and actually got onto secure financial footing for the first time in my life.
- Got our car, a new apartment, and a pet. Feeling more grown up by the minute! *lol*
- Welcomed my nephew Aiden into the world and watched my neice Keira grow from a baby into a little girl who amazes me and fills me with love and awe every time I see her.

I'm sure there are more, but I'm going back to obsessing over what I'm going to wear for New Years. (I was having NIGHTMARES last night!)
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Shooting for Goal
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I joined a walking group

I rarely miss a day of exercise

I joined 3fc

I went from a size 20 to a size 14

Made a 50 lb weight loss goal

Started lifting weights

Made some new healthy friends

Bought a swim suit and I wear it

Bought exercise videos and I use them

Set up a exercise room
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These are so great to read!

Here are some things I did in 2006:

I found 3FC, which has been a REALLY big deal.
I changed my life on July 18, when I committed to losing weight.
I lost 57 pounds.
I went from walking 20 minutes to jogging 30.
I ran 2.4 miles at one time.
I worked out five or six days a week, usually for 45 minutes to an hour, after not working out for sooooo long.
I ran with my husband for the first time.
I lost enough weight to take my wedding ring off for the first time in years.
I got into a size 16 for the first time in years.

Wow, it feels really good to think about this stuff!!
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Boston Qualifier and MOM
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started off the year with the gift of my pregnancy
carried and delivered my beautiful baby boy in October
got to have the natural childbirth I wanted (emergency c with 1st baby)
ran walked and waddled 700+ miles
avoided repeating gestational diabetes
got right back in the saddle and only have 8 lbs to lose to pre pregnancy weight
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Once more, with feeling!
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Oh man, 2006 has been such a mixed year. I'm not sorry to see it go, because the first part was sucktastic. Panic attacks everynight, gained weight, you get the picture. What a difference the right meds, healthy eating, and exercise makes!!! Who knew?!

-Also discovered 3FC. The support here has meant more than words could possibly describe.

-Lost weight! I weigh about 10lbs less than I did this time last year!! Huge deal for me because this is the first year IN MY LIFE that I have weighed less now than I did last year. (There were those formulative years where I was supposed to get bigger, though!)

-Gave up the car and joined the gym.

-Paid every cent of my tuition by myself!! In cash!!

-Met some new people, renewed a friendship, and welcomed my best friends first baby, Anna, into the world. My first "niece!" Auntie Lisa is so proud!

Oh my, am I looking forward to 2007. It'll be the year when I rock!
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Never want to go back!
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Great thread!

I quit a job I disliked and started a business that's so much fun for me, it shouldn't be called "work"
Woke up to my weight problem and realized I had the strength and wherewithall to fix it
Cut heavily processed food from my diet
Lost 25 pounds OVER THE HOLIDAYS/MY BIRTHDAY! Woo hoo!
Started exercising again, and went from feeling like I could die after 5 minutes on the elliptical to 25 minutes without being at death's door
Made some great friends here at 3FC who give me the support I need to make this journey

My hope is that we all have an EVEN BETTER 2007!
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