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Default New here

Hi everyone. I am new here. I have seen the tickers on several boards I belong to and decided to check it out. Today I fell into deep depression and wrote an apology note to my husband and kids for being such and embarassment to my family. I know they don't feel that way but that is how I feel everyday. I have been overweight all of my life and now I will be 37 in 11 days. When it is going to change?

I decided today is when it will change. I have done several weight loss plans but when i plateau on them I get depressed and eat. I have some issues with eating. I either munch all day or don't eat at all. I really don't think I know how to eat properly. Hopefully this forum will help me learn.

Stress and depression are a huge part of my life. Hopefully here I will learn to overcome it all.

Thanks all
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Hi, Patticake. I'm pretty new here as well.

I am definitely an emotional eater, so I feel your pain.
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Welcome to the boards ladies! Patticakesnc... it will change when you change it and coming here is defiantly a huge step in the right direction, there is a lot of support here. If I hadn't been posting here I would have quit after week one. Learning how to eat is a huge task but you can do it. Have you ever thought of consulting a nutritionist at all? I as well have struggled with emotional and boredom eating and the evil work takeout. I've struggled with bouts of depression and both with eating and alcohol (double whammy i tell you) but what I'm slowly learning is that I can't control all the stress in my life...but what I can control is how I handle it and what goes in my mouth in the process. Start with small changes, drink more water, eat more veggies, go for a walk etc. Take it day by day, you will make it!
Feel free to join us on our 'Daily Commitments' thread in the 100lb club...its a real great bunch of ladies and we are all doing just that...taking small steps day by day.
good luck!
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Patti – We are most definitely our toughest critics. Would you feel like your husband or children should apologize to you if they were overweight? Heck no! You would give them a huge hug and tell them you loved them for who they are. You would understand they might want to get healthier and you would help them any way you could, but it doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with them at their core. Well, ok, I don’t know you, but I think that is what most of us would do.

One of the things I have definitely found this time around is that change comes from the positive. It was all those negative feelings that drove me (and occasionally still do) to food in the first place. The thing is, you are worth it! You deserve to be happy and healthy. So we have learned some inefficient coping skills (food) and not always listened to our bodies (exercise). Those are things we can change over time.
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Thank you all.

I have thought about the way my family feels. My husband is overweight and it doesn't bother me a bit. My children are not. I guess I am a little jealous of my daughter, she is beautiful,16 and size 3! I don't think I was ever a size 3 LOL.

Some days are harder than others and I know with a support network I can do this. That is why I am here. I haven't seen a nurtitionist. I cannot afford that. I have been out of work for over a year and every time I go about a job they just look at me like I am probably fat AND LAZY. That is not true. I am around the house but have always totally commited myself to my work on any job I have ever had. I give 200%. I think losing weight will help boost my self esteem a little more to help me move forward in my life.
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Never want to go back!
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Oh, Patti . Depression is such a ruthless companion. It makes you feel that your world is so hopeless, that you are not loved for who you are, that change is insurmountable. But here's the deal. None of that is true! You can turn this around, and if you can just get started and ditch the all or nothing mindset, it's not so hard in the end. (Hard to believe I know, but true) You are going to make mistakes. We all make mistakes, but the trick is what you do after the slip. If you dust yourself off and strive to make more right decisions than wrong, you will start seeing successes in no time.

I started my weight loss journey (again) in November. I was foggy headed, felt sick, depressed (I didn't get out of bed for days sometimes), and the only thing that I thought comforted me was food and lots of it. But it's not a comfort after you swallow it. I started by buying vegetables, fruit, chicken, high fiber cereal, and skim milk. Then I went for a walk. It was the hardest of my life. I vowed that I never wanted to feel so terrible attempting to do so little again. And I swear to you it got easier: the eating, the exercise, not binging. They were small steps, but in a month I already felt better both physically and about myself. I still have a lot of weight to lose, but being on the right track feels great. And the folks here could not be more supportive if they tried! So, welcome to you. I'm thrilled you found this place! We're in it together, so whatever help you need, we're here for you.

Hang in there: there is so much light ahead if you just take baby steps toward a healthier lifestyle.

One thing that I found really interesting is the book You On A Diet, by Dr. Memhet Oz. You might look for it at the library (it's fairly new). It's not a diet book really, but rather a very easy read on nutrition and how your body reacts to food and why we crave. If you are just starting out learning about what foods are good for you and simple exercises you can do without any external equipment, it's a good one. I learned a lot and it sort of stripped the emotion out of the subject for me, which helps me to make better choices.

Take care!!!!!

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This is what I love about this place. Everyone is so supportive. I know at work everyone keeps telling me I am doing well because I have will power. I do not have will power for any length of time. I have to take it one day at a time. I can manage one day and then if I am successful great, if I make choices that are not good for me I try to use them as a learning tool. I used to be so hard on myself and was off work for depression. I learned to keep a journal of my thoughts and of all my food. I currently use Weight Watchers on line. I also learned to run. I never thought I would ever be able to run but I had a supportive group help me. I know it is hard and each day I make a conscious effort to succeed. I also learned not to beat myself up if I am not as successful as I expected to be. Oh yeah and the expectations I set for myself were way to high. By writing in my journal I learned about me. This site has been my inspiration. When I am down or feel like eating a whole pie, I come and look on this site and for some reason see people who feel like I do and it helps me to get through things. I know everyones journey is different. Thank you for all being so supportive.
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