A must watch documentary about weight loss

  • Things You Need to Know About Losing Weight (BBC) in 6 parts on YouTube:

    part 1
    part 2
    part 3
    part 4
    part 5
    part 6
  • i really enjoyed watching this!! i cracked up when they said the proof is in the poo! haha lots of great tips...thanks for sharing!!
  • This was great! Thanks for posting. I love BBC!
  • they were pretty good, although could have been a bit more scientific (more so than feeding three blokes three breakfasts on one occasion and asking their opinion of their hunger, and then trying to say that that proves something!!)

    I was also interested in the calcium thing, but that wasn't explained much either. Do people normally have enough calcium and this only impacts on people with already very low calcium? And does it have to be dairy stuff to get the effect, or does the same thing happen with just pure calcium supplements?

    questions, questions. guess i need to do my own research!

    worth watching though - thanks for posting josey!
  • Thanks for the links... I will watch them soon!
  • I just watched these links and they were VERY interesting. I have a couple of take-away tips and I'd encourage others to watch these videos. I would share the tips, but honestly, I wouldn't do them justice.
  • Bummer -- the videos have been removed.
  • Rats! There may have been copyright infringement. You might be able to find it somewhere else.

    One thing I remember that surprised me was that turning a meal into a pureed soup allowed people to stay satiated longer (with exactly the same food, just pureed in one case). Coincidentally, there is a new thread on soup in the support forum (I think).

    Unfortunately, off the top of my head, I can't remember other surprises (just things I already knew, like protein is supposedly more satiating, folks often underestimate how much they eat, that you can add activity to your routine, etc).
  • what "proof is in the poo"? I'm curious now!
  • Try this site
  • It says you need to download something to see it and that always makes me think of viruses.
  • Quote:
    It says you need to download something to see it and that always makes me think of viruses.
    Is this for the link I posted? I went back and the page loads porperly (I used firefox). If it does not work your best bet is to just do a Google search