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Default Texture of Lettuce

I know this sounds a little crazy however, I want to eat Salads I think that they look so Yummy. However, everytime I taste one I get completely disgusted by the texture of lettuce. The way it grinds in between my teeth completed disgusts me.

Any ideas how I can get over this whole hatred towards lettuce and start enjoying salads??
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I would try avoiding any "tender" lettuces and try some of the more crunchy ones like Romaine, I find I enjoy salads a lot more when the lettuce is crunchy. You could also try making a salad with very little lettuce in it until you get used to the feeling the gradually add more and more...
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Yes, try different kinds of lettuce! You might like baby spinach. What about shredded cabbage? They sell that now too, I suppose so you can make cole slaw more easily. You can try that with different kinds of dressings. And if you google salads you might find a lot of ideas for salads without a lettuce base! I've had tomato, basil and mozzarella salads before-yummy!
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There are so many kinds of lettuce out there- besides the regular iceberg (which I'm not much of a fan of honestly) there is romaine, baby greens, spinach, and so many different mixes- try out the other stuff and see what you like!
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Sometimes these things are in your mind only. I have been able to overcome many food types that I used to hate.
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I actually used to be the same way with lettuce. It was the slick texture and the sound it made squeaking against my teeth. I started out eating small amounts on sandwiches and gradually worked my way up to salads. I found I did better at first when I mixed in some spring mix. Now I'm okay with basically any lettuce.
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Default late reply is late

I found a resturaunt that makes ceasar salad by crushing/pounding the croutons and then dressing the lettuce with ceasar and sprinkling the crouton "dust" over the lettuce with parmesan cheese, and then topping with more croutons.

This has been the way that I learned to tolerate lettuce. I'm 26 years old and only ever voluntarily ate lettuce this way when I was 25 1/2.

The crouton dust disguises the texture of the lettuce.
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Who says a salad has to be made with lettuce anyway? You can use beet tops, turnip greens, kale, spinach, chard, etc...
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oh my goodness I was happy to see that there was someone else who did not like lettuce!
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Which type of lettuce are you referring to? Iceberg lettuce, or all lettuces in general? I never eat iceberg, but I love Romaine, and highly suggest it, raw spinach, and other leafy greens and lettuces. Mix up the lettuces and have a whole bunch of different ones together-- you will find something you will like!! And remember, salads don't have to have lettuce at all!! Often I will make lettuceless salads, and just combine a whole bunch of raw veggies together with a light bit of oil and vinegar.
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I also done care for iceberg. I like what was posted way earlier about the 'tender' lettuce.

Tis a new love for me but the stuff spoils so quickly. I had it in a salad with some craisens or cranberries and that mad it taste so good. I just wish nit didn't spoil so fast.

I get sick of going tom the grocery store (((
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Agree with the others... don't force yourself to like lettuce, you'll just resent it more. Stick to vegetables you actually like and make salads with them.

I've gotten over my hatred of cabbage, okra, etc. only when I get a good experience out of them... like someone cooked them in a way that I found them so delicious so I would always associate the good taste with the vegetable. In a way, it's all in the mind!
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I like to get salad with spinach or just add spinach to romain. I hate iceberg lettuce salads. I also found that adding chicken into a salad helps
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I myself am working on my lettuce texture issue. I am not a fan of any type of lettuce. But I think it's just like anything, try a little bit and then a little bit more. I used to never be able to eat any lettuce and when it would get into my mouth I would spit it out, but today I bought a salad and got 4 bites down This is a major accomplishment and next time I'll eat more. I am also making sure I "hide" the lettuce with turkey, croutons, etc. So it might not be the healthiest but once I can eat lettuce I can start cutting back on the other stuff. Good luck to all!
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I can't stomach iceberg, but I love romaine and spinach. I started with caesar salads as a kid because of the texture thing, but I've found that any leafier more green lettuce is a huge improvement over iceberg. It's a taste and texture tihng for me on the iceberg. Just try different kinds to see if there's one you don't mind. Also, be sure to use a yummy dressing at least until you get used to lettuce.
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