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Default Yes, Finally!

I've been a member of this forum but just recently found this message board! I gotta tell my story.

My whole life I remember hating vegetables.

I don't remember why. At all! I literally have no memory of when I first tried most veggies and my reaction to them.

These are the veggies I love...which are also the unhealthiest...

Carrots-my dad said I ate so much as a kid I turned orange. I love em!

Potatoes-but only when they mashed or baked with cheese and butter!

Green beans-my grandma used to make string beans and then add ham hock and Crisco.

So as you can see the only veggies I can tolerate are ones that aren't that healthy, especially the way they're prepared.

In my entire 19 years of life I bet I've never ate more than 4 square inches of lettuce. I hate the stuff with a passion. I gag on it every single time I taste it. I've tried it plain...I've tried it with every salad dressing imaginable...I've tried it on burgers. The taste of consistency of it makes me wanna hurt.

The same deal with tomatoes. I love the sauce but can't eat them raw. I remember one time I tried to force myself to eat one on a turkey sub. I got sick.

Any other vegetables that I haven't mentioned I hate as well.

I tried eating broccoli slathered in cheese the other day. I thought maybe the cheese would break me into eating it. But I ate maybe half a cup and felt like crying. I couldn't do it. I felt sick at my stomach.

What causes this weirdness?
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That's a good question. Maybe you should just concentrate on the ones you like. I even make sandwiches out of veggies with say mushrooms, onions, peppers stir fried and add sprouts or grated carrot. You can even use ketchup, mustard and barbaque sauce on them. Also try soups.
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CherryBlossom --

I AM EXACTLY THE SAME WAY!! Isn't it frustrating!! I only like corn and potatoes, though I like either of those prepared basically any way. NO green beans for me, and EW!! LETTUCE?!?!?!? HOW DO PEOPLE EAT IT!! I really don't understand.

I wish I loved veggies. I REALLY REALLY DO!! Sometimes salads look delicious to me but I know that if I eat them I'll gag!

Glad to know it's not just me!
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I am exactly the same way! The only veggies I've tried are carrots (not a fan), lettuce (eww), potatos and celery. And I guess cucumber if you count it in it's pickled form haha... I love pickles, but yeah.

Everyone around me thinks i'm nuts for not liking lettuce/salads. I want to like them... but I just can't force myself to eat lettuce! It makes me gag so bad.
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Wow, I LOVE salad!! But there are lots of veggies I do not like too.. I also don't like them overcooked!! And never canned!
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You say you don't like lettuce, but aren't specific. I despise iceberg lettuce - can barely gag it down. But I LOVE green leaf and Romaine. Of course, lettuce isn't the nutritional panacea that many think it is, and carrots are actually quite healthy for you. I would encourage you to try some of the bagged salad mixes to see if there are some you would enjoy.
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