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Default veggie -> well being


I've been veggie for about the past year...before this I used to get tonsilitis probably every 8 weeks and got the normal round of coughs and colds.

Since I became veggie I haven't even had a sniffle - my family think I'm nuts for linking one to the other. Am I? Anyone else finding this? either way its great!

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My father has been veggie for about 7 years. The first 5 he never ever got sick. He got sick a lot last year, but I think that has more to do with exhaution (he's 58 and has a 9 year old son- the man is TIRED). I have been on a diet VERY high in vegetables for about 2 years- I eat meat once every 1-2 weeks as I feel like it and I haven't been truly sick since I don't know when. In other words, you aren't crazy!

Also... I started making my own vegetable/fruit juices a few months ago and don't even ever feel "under the weather" anymore (you know, that feeling like you "might" get sick or just feel yucky). I'm beginning to wonder...
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This is interesting. Iíve been a vegetarian for so long that itís hard for me to say if there was a significant change in the amount of time Iíve been sick before vs after. I do know that Iíve been feeling better in general since Iíve started cleaning up my diet (a lot less sugar, cutting back my eggs and dairy), but I think that happens to everyone. I donít get really ill all that often, maybe once every couple of years.
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With everything they put into animals to make them grow faster and bigger so they can be slaughtered quicker (and I'm sure the general public isn't aware of even the smallest part of this) it is quite possible that you are no longer taking in something that could have indeed been irritating your body.
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yeah but at the same time, veggies aren't "god" food. I'm not bias with vegetarians, and I do occasionally eat meat- I almost never get sick and my state is always healthy. I love veggies, but I can't say my health is attributed to them because my diet is a multifactorial experiment.
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My dad's a vegetarian and he rarely even gets a cold. Then again he doesn't eat very many processed foods either.

It is possible that something you were eating was bothering your system. Some people have felt a general unwellness and after cutting back on wheat products have found that they had a wheat allergy, sometimes it's dairy for people, sometimes its red meat It's not that they were really sick just that the felt better after cutting out these food items.
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i'm an R.N. so i can't contribute my diet to my well being at all because i probably would have the most amazing immune system even if i ate junk all the time. i will say i have noticed my skin looks amazing right now. between the veggies, water, and aspirin mask (5 crushed aspirin, 5 drops of water, and a bit of honey to make it sticky....10+ minutes on your face) that i do....i'm glowing!
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