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Unhappy New to here

Hi. I have been trying to lose weight for 0 years and only succeeded in getting heavier. I had been doing Weight Watchers but after 2 years I had probably lost and regained about 3 stone with losing one week and gaining the next. I really can't seem to get my head in the right place. I get easily stressed and wound up and then I binge. The only time I did lose a reasonable amount of weight was 10 years ago when I gave up dieting, and then put it back when I started to diet again. Sounds crazy I know but things are just black or white, good or bad for me. No matter how many calories, points etc that I can have a day the minute I have something I think is 'bad' I give up with the thought, I'll start again tomorrow, one more day won't hurt'. Unfortunately tomorrow never comes. I know I need to stop and think before I eat but I just want that instant nice feeling. I know all their is so know about dieting but can't put it into practice. I'm hoping I'll get some ideas from you good ladies.

Sorry for my rambling diatribe.
Good Luck to all.
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Could the word diet come with a certain amount of stress that makes you eat more? It could be that when you're not 'trying' it's less stress and you eat less.

Each of us have diets, and changes, that work for us. I'm using the Tesco Ultraslim diet (like slimfast) but people here do all kinds.

Do you think it's time to look at something that suits you more? Have you heard of Slimming world?

Don't worry about needing to vent, we're all here for the same reasons!
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I spent years on Slimming World and have done weight watchers and never found they really worked. People on them tend to have low fat in their body (that they need) and use processed foods in their diet.

What I have found that works is Paleo because its based on what we all ate years ago and is very healthy. Plus it is low carb which helps with weight loss.

Best of luck with whatever you decide.
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You sound like me! I can ruin a good week by eating one "bad" thing and thinking "well that's blown it - might as well binge". But saying that, recently I've not been too bad. I'm following Weight Watchers and about mid-August I started the 'gain one week, lose the next' cycle and it got me really down. I went on holiday, ate cake and ice cream, came back and I'd lost nearly half a stone! Crazy.

If dieting doesn't work for you, then don't diet. Change your lifestyle, cut out the sugary, salty, processed rubbish and focus on clean, healthy food. Read up on nutrition and follow that instead of counting points. Find what works for you instead of thinking you *have* to follow a certain diet.

I hope this is a tiny bit helpful for you. x
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Hiya, i think most people can relate to what your going though. I definitely can. I've been dieting on and off for the past 7 years just the way you described it and it didn't help that i worked in sainsbury's for a year with a stick thin coworker that ate huge amounts of food and tried to copy her, that was a major fail. Then fell pregnant in 2012 and used that as an excuse to eat any and everything that crossed my path, surprising during the moments like my pregnancy when i didn't stress about food i lost the most amounts of weight.

I definitely don't have a solution for you since i'm currently doing the trial and error thing and gradually still putting on more weight. I'm trying out the 5:2 diet at the minute and trying to increase my water intake (it's really bad at the min) and forcing myself to regularly exercise. Thats about all i'm doing.

I feel like if we take little steps at a time, like change one thing at a time rather than trying to do a drastic change it'll be more beneficial in the long run. Maybe write down everything you want to change e.g. cut out/down sugar, work out, drink more water or eat more vegetables then pick one and do it consistently for a week or month then it starts to become a habit so you pick another to do consistently then before you know it you've picked up all these healthy habits that have become second nature to you.

Hope i've been at least a little bit helpful
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