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Talking Cosco Pesto and Multi Grain bread toasted. Add filler as desired???

Cosco has a perfect Pesto that is just delish on their multi grain bread with a tad of sliced cheese and green sprouts and sliced avacado. I had this 1 time at the place on Piedmont Ave Cafe'. They called it an Avacado and pesto with cheese and sprout sandwich I think? Warning the pesto is Not Fat free, but it is Delicious.......
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Breakfast treat: toast bread first, top with thinly sliced apple, then cottage cheese or ricotta mixed with a sweetener of choice, lots of cinnamon on top. Broil til bubbly - mock cheese Danish
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For me (as a pregnant dieter) I have found that toast is the only thing (when I had morning sickness) that made me feel good so I had it all the time

My favourites included:

light philly
tinned tomatoes

Though if you are looking for something filling go with something like beans as the fibre keeps you full for ages and then also include some mushrooms, egg etc.

My other favourite with reduced calorie cheddar is welsh rarebit. My hubby makes the perfect one and every now and again I get a craving for it.
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OOOOOHHHH Tinned sardines all the way!
Teeny squirt of ketchup instead of butter or spread. I know ketchup has sugar in it but it does add to the flavour!
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Thanks for starting this thread. There are a lot of good ideas here, stuff I hadn't even thought to put on toast! I don't often have toast but will keep these in mind when I'm craving a change!

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I LOVE my toast with white cheese (i don't know which one you could use, the one i use is specific to my region) and some sliced mango. It's delicious!

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Originally Posted by Wannabehealthy View Post
LOL I can just see my husband if I start getting beans in the mail. LOL
I would pay money to see his face. LOL
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Ooo toast! What is really like to have is "fried" mushrooms and garlic or "fried" spinach and garlic. Cook them in a frying pan but without oil (use a squirt of cooking spray if your non stick pan doesn't work). Garlic is super good for you and delicious. I always add chilli seeds and pepper too but I like my food spicy!
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I think this is my new favorite thread!
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Literally JUST had this:

Organic White Beans
Roma Tomatoes

In a seperate bowl whisk together olive oil, garlic powder, teeny bit of mustard, salt & pepper, dried basil leaves. Add this to the salad. Refrigerate for a couple of hours. Then add this to a piece of toast. Or eat it plain!
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Throw back, WW recipe. My Mom loved this in the 70's!

slice of bread, cottage cheese, blueberries, dash with cinnamon, and broil!

Takes a bit to get the knack of it, but good stuff!
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Hi peeps - I'm going to have to get my soap box out a little - as a Hand Baker by profession I have to say some of the stuff they put in 'marketed as low calorie' breads would make your hair curl - the amount of salt and artificial sweeteners alone are amazing. A wholemeal home made bread is usually about 70-80 cals for a thin slice - my soap box is away now. Anyway - I'm Italian Descent and 'On Toast' is something we do really well! Lightly crushed baby plum tomatoes with some torn fresh basil, a little salt, crushed black pepper and a teeny drizzle of olive oil is lovely. As is thinly sliced raw mushrooms tossed in a drop or two of truffle oil and scattered over a lightly poached egg on toast. Our favourite though is cooked borlotti beans, tossed with a little fresh chilli and a scant grating of parmesan and then squished into some hot toast before placing under a hot grill until bubbling. All of these are well under your calorie requirement. Enjoy.
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Default nutty narna <-- what my 2 years old neice calls it :)

1 table spoon of peanut butter and sliced banana....... very yummy also a great pre-workout snack
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Slice some Brussels sprouts and green onions with malt vinegar for a topping.
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Recipe Ingredients for 300 Calorie French Toast (w/ wheat bread)


2oz skim milk

1teaspoon honey

1teaspoon cinnamon

2oz wheat bread

1 tablespoon sugar free syrup

Recipe Directions for 300 Calorie French Toast (w/ wheat bread)
1.Mix the egg, milk, honey, and cinnamon in a bowl.

2.Pour the mixture onto a lipped plate and soak the bread, flipping when

3.Warm up a non-stick sauce pan and toss in the soaked bread, flipping when brown.

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