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Default Hello and prayers to you all

Hello, all--thoughts and prayers abound for the USA. Took my 10-year-old to a memorial service in downtown Stampede City yesterday. Very moving tribute to America and the courageous police, firefighters and rescue workers. You've NEVER heard such cheering for anything American in a Canadian city. Wow. It was so moving. Everything is turned on its head, even here in Canada. Our building is across the street from very tall (but nothing like WTC) oil & gas company towers, we were evacuated when they started diverting air traffic here as the towers were a 'high-risk target'. It was scary.

Hello to Lush, Sugar Plum, Wabbit (thanks for the e-mail!), Kiwi, Frappe, Peaches, and BAGZ. Have missed you all dearly.

Life has gone into cubed mode.eep.. .I thought things expanded by doubling, but that wouldn't describe how fast the gerbil wheel is turning around here. I instruct 2 night classes and work 3-4 days a week with a couple of weekend workshops. Guess how clean my ---pen is. You can guess how everyone just pitches in without having to be told...Wait a minute, am I one of those displaced fairy tale characters in Shrek's swamp???
Saw Shrek with dd6 last night. It was a necessary diversion after a week of pain

Carry on, friends.
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Default So glad to hear from you, Cran

We were wondering if you'd worked yourself into such a frenzy you had disappeared! (Sounds like we were almost right...)

Shrek was great; I wouldn't mind seeing that again. We watched a good movie last night: Billy Elliott We had to put the closed captioning on our TV we were having so much trouble understanding the dialogue, but the movie was excellent. It is rated R for language, so you have to be somewhat immune to f words to watch, but I would let DD see it.

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