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Default Poor Frappe-cow!!!!!

I have been reading about Frappe's wild and crazy summer!!!!POOR DARLING!!!!!and all you fatbags care about is your big tankasauraus larders{personal larders,I'll grant you}.OF COURSE ,we want you to post Frappe darling----even at it's craziest,at least your life is INteresting------here at the orphanage,I have been getting very rotund on the gruel we serve---it's high fat of course.WABBY!!!!! how many months did you have to starve to get into your cowgirl pants???Can I be in mine by Christmas?????and YES Sugarbuns---I am JEALOUS that you have reached my FAT weight{I am now at my hideous kinky weight,where the guys who like fat women are calling non stop on my honkering tank line---333-PHAT}ANYway----I know I sound like I am on speed,but my favourite garden centre burned to the ground last night and I am still in shock---I forgot to mention ----KIWONK----the St.John River area has the same climate as Maine {generally} so SAIL on up and see us!!!!!!! bye tubbers----oh yes----Peachbuns-----you were right about the tanks---they are so unreliable on Thursdays!
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Talking Girl At the Rock Show

That'll be ME, tonight. I'm taking a carload of kids to see Blink 182 in Burlington. '

I want a picture under my name too. How do you do that?

I have to be in 200 places at the same time today. This will tax my ingenuity.

My best 3D friend in Montreal is having horrible marriage problems. I get to wallow in someone else's misery and give great advice. Every cloud has a silver lining.

today I am inventing the possibility that I get through the next 24 hours without tearing my hair out.
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Default Lucky!

My DD will be so jealous when I tell her about the Blink 182 concert.

I have an exciting weekend of installing molding in DD's room planned.

Went to visit sailing buddy in hospital last night. He has 2 blockages in blood vessels or whatever, might be in for a few more days. I suppose in a few more years everyone I know will be having these things, eh? Shudder. DH talked nonstop all through dinner at UNO's and on the 75 min. ride home. Goodness, didn't know he was saving all that up. (All about work--endlessly fascinating... )

Yes, Sugar, Bridget Jones is hilarious. It's actually good to have read the book first I suppose (I did), but I loved the movie and would go see it again.

Don't think we'll be sailing up your way this year after all, Bagz. Maybe next year. DH actually doesn't feel like going down to stay on the boat this weekend, which is some kind of miracle, so I am putting him to work just a teeny bit. I've had to promise to get up early on Saturday. blah.

Oh Frappe, go into your Profile page, edit options and go to the bottom to change your "avatar". They have a bunch to choose from or you can upload your own picture, but it has to be really really small. 9K or something.

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Talking Frappeeeeee!

Didn't meant to ignore you yesterday, dear! I was just so involved with my own tiny little life. We are sooooo glad you're back and I'm SURE things will start looking up soon. I suppose going back to L.A. just isn't an option?

My parents will be here in 4 weeks. How do I begin to get this dump cleaned up? I started on the guest room today and I'm all itchy from the dust
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Default Oh my

Good luck on getting the house ready for parents, Sugar. I think you'll just have to bite the bullet and follow Flylady's prescription. You can do it. I don't think I can, but I'm sure you can.

I am very discouraged by my house. Yesterday I started cutting molding for DD's ceiling while DH and DD did caulking in her room (there are enormous gaps between her walls and her ceiling). I ended up having to drive two towns away to find a proper saw for the job, then cut 2 pieces only to find I had done them backwards. Sigh.

Then after dinner started the Mouse Parade. We only had one trap baited, but we caught FIVE in succession! This is just horrifying. Snap, empty, set. Snap, empty, set. Unbelievable. Apparently the cooler weather has signalled them all to come indoors. (Dare I suggest to DH that a more effective way of dealing with them would be to try plugging the holes they're getting in through? ) I think he was enjoying it. Not me.

So, it could be worse, eh Sug? Tata. Gotta cut more wood.

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